Active Parameter Dots : Increasing visibility : Tutorial.

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    Poser activates Small grey dots in front of the dials when a parameter becomes active.

    With figures with lots of parameters or lots of morphs, it becomes harder and harder to track down what parameters are all "active" because those Dots are light grey on dark grey and barely visible on some monitors.

    To cure?
    REMARK ! Always work on duplicated files !!

    Goto you Poser installation and navigate to Poser (Pro) 11/ Runtime/UI and find the 25000_Parameters.psd
    Back up the old one ! Always work on duplicated files.

    Open this psd in your paint app that reads and writes psd files.

    Look for the layer : 25020_parm_changed_indicator and change the light grey dot to something more visible (I used a light Green in this example) and put the adapted 25000_Parameters.psd back in the Poser (Pro) 11/ Runtime/UI folder.

    This is the 25000_Parameters.psd with the dot to adapt :

    And this is the result : All changed parameters are now clearly visible with green dots. (Green is good, green is active).


    Best regards, and have fun using the Poser tools. Tony

  • @vilters nice find. :-)

    I'm still waiting for the day when someone edits ALL of the GUI assets and offers a new "skin" for Poser ;-) Maybe "All Black" for those midnight, post-drinking-binge Poser sessions when you can't find the tab you were just using yesterday... X-D

  • Thanks for the tip Tony, works great in PP2014 too!
    @anomalous You can also change the splash screen too. I think it's 3000_credits_splash.psd. Just find which layer it is and replace it with an image of your choice.

  • Tony, this finding is really great, thank you very much!
    My new standard as of this moment.
    "The Tony Dots" :D

    And this little trick is just another reason why I like Poser so much - with a little ingenuity and tinkering you can do soo much which you can't in other programs.

    Now if only we can find out next how to make these bloody scrollbars a bit wider, and to make the slider as easily visible as your dots...



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    Thanks for the complements all.

    I invented those Parameters dots way back (around the period Miki4 came out).
    Initially they were red dots, later changed to light grey by the Poser team to be more "in style" with the rest of the app.
    => And more propositions are in the pipeline in Mantis.

    Every now and then, (this is not the first time I show this) I promote those "Parameter Changed" dots together with the way on how to make them more visible.

    The "fitting room" is another of my idea's.
    I wrote the basics of what it should be able to do.
    Steve Cooper wrote the specs, and the Poser team coded it all.
    Ach, a good app is always the result of teamwork.

    Have fun using the Poser tools my friends. Tony