Eliminating the Background in Poser Pro 11.

  • Eliminating background in Poser Pro 11.
    I sent this out yesterday and did get a response. I received an error message when I tried to respond. Thanks for the response. I do appreciate the info. However, I am running voice animation so the voice track is tied to the animation and I do not get an audio track with the image file. If I do this as an image file (PNG) is there any way to tie the audio to the PNG when it is rendered out as a movie. I need to take this in to Adobe Premiere for editing. Can anyone tell what I need to do to get my animated characters to render without a background so that I can take them into an editing software to place them over a created scene. I think this should be simple. I tried eliminating the ground plane under the guides and running it as an image render/movie. Thanks.

  • @heron
    You will need to use Adobe Premiere to composite the individual images and the audio file (or files) that you used in Poser.

  • @Deecey Thanks for the reply. I will look into the compositing options in Adobe Premiere as soon as I have time today. Lining it up with the audio could be interesting.

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