Materials cannot be resized or moved

  • Hi guys, super puzzled here and would like some help.

    I'm using an imac + clip studio paint ex + wacom cintiq 13hd.

    After dragging any material into the canvas (eg. dialogue balloon, pose, everything!), I am unable to resize or move it. The handles can be seen but when I drag, rotate or move etc, nothing happens. Even with poses - nothing happens when I drag them either. The materials have been working fine all up till this point. I have already fully uninstalled Clip Studio together with library files, switched from cintiq to mouse, but nothing works.

    I am creating a webcomic and the word balloons are a really important part of my workflow. Now they can't be moved (except with move tool) or resized.

    Stayed up till for hours last night to no avail :( If anyone knows what's going on and can help me with this, I will appreciate that greatly. Thanks in advance!

  • Have you contacted tech support (

  • Hi, just contacted them hopefully they will have a reply for me.

    I have found out that the whole reason why it's not working is because the command key doesn't seem to be working. I'm not sure if it's some setting that I disabled by accident. Even the special rulers can't be used because all of them require the command key. Does anyone know what's going on? Sorry if I sound desperate, because I really am :(

  • So just minutes after posting this, I found the solution.

    It suddenly hit me that it might be a problem with the subtool. So I went to the 'operation' subtool detail and selected 'reset all settings to default' and now it's all working again :)))

    Somehow, some setting with the 'operation' tool must have gone wonky because of something I accidentally did. Anyway it's fine now so yay for that!

    I'm leaving this here for anyone who might encounter the same issue as I did.


  • @momo1 Glad you got it figured out!