Need a way to realign bones when making character morphs

  • Hi,

    When I got into making full body morphs way back for Genesis 1 in DAZ Studio I got really spoiled with the built in utility that will realign the bones and then the ERC Freeze utility that was run afterwards to keep things good, export and you were done. Now I'm doing a pack for Hivewires Dawn, this will be compatible with both DAZ Studio and Poser so I now am the proud owner of Poser Pro 11. I like it so far actually. Not as scary as I thought it would be. I've gotten the skin to where I like it, got the full body morph in but since the character is shorter than the default Dawn size not all poses look good. The hands and fingers get scrunched up pretty badly so just wondering what does on need to do in this newest version of Poser to fix this. I really really hope it's a no brainer... I'm horrible with niggly things like joint parameters but if I need to, I guess I will.

    Please let me know if there is a tutorial (a PDF or better and vid) to help me along

    Thanks so much

    Richard :capricorn:

  • If you're using a recent version of Poser 11, you should be able to select the morph, hit the arrow key next to it (assuming it's a full body morph - I forget if regular morphs have those arrows) and choose MATCH CENTERS TO MORPH. I believe that should mostly resolve your issue.

  • AWESOME. I'll give that try Teyon. Glad to see you here! :-)

  • Totally works. Thanks again! YAY!