How can i create 3D objects

  • How i can create my own models,backgrounds, objects etc? Is it possible ?

  • Depending on Platform use blender(windows) or cheetah3d(Mac) to build the background or object export as fbx and then import into clip studio. Don't use any transparencies they may not survive exporting or importing to clip studio. You can't make 3d objects in Clipstudio.


  • Blender exists for Windows, MAC, and Linux.
    Blender starts off with an exportable cube. Test it by exporting to FBX, and importing it into Clip Studio.

    To have a pose-able figure requires a parented armature with weights be part of the model you wish to export.
    alt text

  • you're right I forgot to mention the need to rig the model before exporting as FBX and importing to CS, And yes blender is available for Mac but I prefer Cheetah on Mac.


  • Addressing the same topic I would like to hear if any of you could tell me how to maintain the constraints when importing FBXses into CSP .

    Locking two axis of the bone armature in Blender and leaving the x-axis adjustable is not recognized when the same 3D object appears in CSP

    In the upper image you see the object as is in Blender -- below the FBX result in CSP.

    Obviously any constraints are ignored and the hinges goes in any direction.

    Do you think this goes for FBX Cheetah objects as well or is it just a Blender issue?

    Blender model

    Model imported in CSP

    I appreciate alot any advice!

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    PS. If the question seems recognisable I've tried to post the same issue before with no answers.
    Perhaps I have more luck this time :)

  • Sorry but though I can rig a model (I have several human figures I've rigged in cheetah) I've never tried to add constraints before exporting as FBX and importing to CS. I realize I have to watch out for distortion if I move a joint too far or wrong way. But I'm lazy.