Poser Features as Add-ons?

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    Earl? At one point you wanted to become a beta tester and now you say you don't even update with the SR's that contain the bug fixes????? Huh !

    Only 3 things can kill Poser :

    • Going cloudware
    • Going subscription
    • Going the "add-on" route.

  • @eclark1849

    Get up to speed with the software before you try and initiate change.

    If you don't keep up with SRs you have no right to complain about bugs, or their solving, or lack there of.

    You claim that Game Dev is still a separate program. You are on SM's web site so look at what they sell. No Game Dev. Those features are part of Poser Pro.

    There is an addon structure in Poser. The program was designed with a place to hook them into the core. It's called Addons for some strange reason and contains such items by default such as Python or Kinect Capture. The addon framework was specifically set up to make the inclusion of new features by third parties or the Poser team themselves easier and modular. Something you seem to feel would make Poser better if added?

    There is a free alternative to Poser that works the way you ask. Stuff breaks with every addon and product update. It is never fixed. Just ignored till the next update in the permanent beta cycle where new problems arise. For the folk that never update their software, I suppose this might be a solution. Just wait for the new beta and ignore existing issues. I for one am glad that is not the road taken by SM.

  • @vilters I have NEVER said I wanted to beta test Poser. I was just curious as to how one would become one.

    As for your three Poser killers, I agree on the first two, no one has convince me on the third.

  • @parkdalegardener I think I'm pretty well versed in Poser for the amount of use I get out of it. I don't keep up with the SRs because Poser works fine for me as it is. If the SRs added some particular new functionality that it didn't have before, or if my version was buggy and the SR would fix it, then yeah I'd add it. But why would I update a stable (for me) version of the software if doing so would break something else that was working just fine before?

    Apparently SM thinks there's a Game Dev version. They certainly entreat people to upgrade to it: This is from their website.

    Already own Poser? Upgrade Today!

    Upgrade from Game Dev, Pro 2014, Pro 2012, Pro 2010, Pro

    As for the free alternative to Poser... I already use Blender thanks. :)

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    @AmbientShade said in Poser Features as Add-ons?:

    @eclark1849 Seriously?
    That's a bit unfair to the developers past and present. There have been a number of new features added to Poser over the last few years. And if you aren't willing to update to the latest SR then you don't really get to complain about what is and isn't working properly and expect to be taken seriously.

    Some things take a lot more time and planning to upgrade or add in than others.

    Ah, you think I'm being unfair? Did you not notice the thread a couple of weeks ago, asking what was useful in Poser and what needed to go? Did you read any of the responses? How many years have people been asking for fixes or improvements to The Cloth Room, The Face Room, The Hair Room, or animation? Wasn't the Cloth Room introduced in version 5? and the next version is 12. That's over half the life of the program, but I'm still using it. But apparently I have no right to ask Poser to fix anything because I didn't upgrade to the latest SR. Well, if the latest SR fixes or improves all that stuff, I'll download it right away and you'll never get another peep out of me.

    Oh, and for the record, I've been using Poser since version 2. The only versions I've skipped since then have been 3 and 5.

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    "then that might explain why SM doesn't fix known issues with Poser Pro's core features or add new ones. "

    You clearly implied with this statement that Poser never fixes anything or add new features.

    Several of the SRs for Poser 11 fix issues that were present in the core release and add additional functionality to various features that they couldn't get to with the initial release. I'm not going to list them all here, you can read the notes on the various SRs. A lot of people had stability and other issues with Poser 11's initial release, that only became apparent after launch, especially in regards to content creation. Most every one of those issues have been fixed since then as far as I'm aware. All the ones I use have been fixed. I still run SR6 which has been extremely stable. I haven't had time to install SR7.

    Not expanding the hair or cloth room's functionality is by no means the same as leaving them broken. They aren't broken. They work just fine for what they do. Limited, yes. Broken, no. And there have been improvements made to the cloth room functionality since its original release. There are also licensing issues related to those areas of the program that might be preventing any further expansion or changes to them. I don't know the details of the licensing. I do know that the face room licensing restricts certain things from being done with it. Removing and replacing with something else - if the licensing even allows for that - will remove its functionality for all the existing figures that use it. Just one example.

  • @AmbientShade Okay, you guys win. As of today I will no longer use Poser or complain about it. Happy now? Look I'm deleting it from my computer as I type this.

  • @eclark1849 said in Poser Features as Add-ons?:

    We currently have three versions of Poser NOW. Regular Poser 11, Poser Pro 11, and Poser Pro Game Dev.

    Yes and No. Poser Pro Game Dev is Poser 10 era. For Poser 11, the Game Dev features were rolled into Poser Pro 11.

  • @Deecey Thanks for the clarification, Deecey. However, I no longer care. Apparently everything I've ever said, thought or done on Poser has been negated by the simple fact that I didn't upgrade to the latest SR that i apparently didn't need. This IS my last post on the matter as I'm tired of being attacked. I'm keeping my thoughts to myself from

  • @eclark1849 said in Poser Features as Add-ons?:

    @AmbientShade Okay, you guys win. As of today I will no longer use Poser or complain about it. Happy now? Look I'm deleting it from my computer as I type this.

    Oh nooo, don't delete your computer! Who will gonna pull my ears when I ask them omelettaballs to be added to Poser (by the way they forgot them ---again---- in this last SR!)

    Stay in the forum and fight for freedom! And for the omelettaballs too!

  • So .. poser has 2 types of users: illustration and animation. Poser 11 pro is an excellent starting point to create plugins and implement what you need or for an illustrator or an animator or both, this is marketing, I know poser from version 1.0 and I was always fascinated by its intuitive interface that I would never change even with a daz o iclone, but the comparison with these saddens me because I see many possibilities for implementation. Regarding the render engine, animation of clothes you have to work on real time of course, that with the use of the gpu can always be concrete with no exaggerated costs, especially for those who work like me and others, even the ability to import sequence in alembic is important to integrate for example simulations of fluids made with other software, if you do not create a plugin to create particles and fluids inside Poser ;-) take a look at Eevee