Anyone here uses Sculptris for props?

  • I tried Sculptris a couple of years ago, but I couldn't really sculpt anything in it (complete lack of hand-eye coordination, hahaha).

    But now I see it again and I'm thinking - it's probably great make rocks and tree trunks, and maybe some backgroud too; and maybe much easier for that than SketchUp or Blender for that.

    So anyone has used Sculptris for any prop making?

  • Some have, but it's not really cut out for inorganic shapes. It's more along the lines of a voxel-based, inorganic, modeler.

    That being said, it's a great little introductory 3D app for people more familiar with traditional sculpting than 3D object construction.

    If you want something cheap, easy, and that is a polygon modeler, go with Wings 3D. It has been used for years to make Poser props and that's what a good many freebies and even some pay items have been made with.

    Anim8tor is a another.


    These are both great freebie modelers with "ease of use" being the focus if Blender's complexity and UI, especially, is too scary. :) (I'm still scared of Blender...)

  • Oh... I thought it would be useful for that, with the symmetry thingie off...

    When I tried the program 2-3 years ago I tried to make a girl's head, but it ended up looking like a rock. So I gave up on it as way beyond my ability, but now 3 years later I thought.... hmm... maybe it would be good to make rocks, just imagine a female head, put the mouse to the pedal, and voila, random rock is made!

    But I guess that won't do, uh? If I try to make a rock maybe it will end up looking like an amoeba or something...

  • @fbs7 said in Anyone here uses Sculptris for props?:

    But I guess that won't do, uh? If I try to make a rock maybe it will end up looking like an amoeba or something...

    It has some tools to help with hard inorganic surface looks and the like, but you're better off using a polygon modeler for that, if only because it'll be easier to get the look you're wanting.

    That goes for modeling a human head, too, in my opinion. Sculptris is fine for quick, light, work that doesn't take anything other than one's childhood memories of playing with modeling clay in order to use. But, after that, trying to produce something suitable for use in other 3D apps may take a bit of work.

    The above proggies are free and you can find all sorts of vids and tips out there on them, I'm sure. (They've been around forever.) They're easy to use and, more importantly, will help you learn the basics of polygon modeling so you can take that knowledge with you when you're ready for more advanced modeling apps. Sculptris won't do that - What you learn in using Sculptris is going to largely be limited just to Sculptris.

  • @fbs7 I use it sometimes to do a high resolution sculpt for cloth wrinkles, folds and details like zippers. I use the high res model to create a normal map.

    In that case, you can use symmetry and add as many polygons as you want to the Sculptris model.

  • I have used it for a few years now. I usually start with something I created in Wings 3D and import it into Sculptris to do what I am going to do with it. I create a lot of superhero costumes, and Sculptris does a decent job with what I want to do with it. But, if you want to create figures or something like that to use in Poser, it's best to stay away from it for two reasons: One, you will end up creating a pretty polygon heavy mesh to be able to create good details, and two, the tris part of Sculptris stands for triangles, which is what Sculptris uses to sculpt with. If you start out with a quad mesh you should be alright, but it can get out of hand pretty fast. You can still use it for figure creation as long as you are doing it to get a base mesh and intend to retopo after the fact. But I like it. It's way easier than it's big brother ZBrush to get started with and use, and it's got some pretty nice features, like it's painting application. The only issue I have with that is the UV maps it creates are done with flatten mapping and they are a hot mess.

  • 0_1502878270627_asia.png

    I did this in Sculptris, which is how I know it can be done, but it's not a final product. I will still need to retopo. Right now she is at 500k poly count. How do I add the NSFW tag to this pic?

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    Sculptris IMO is just as good as the user more or less. One can do some real nice high detail stuff with it. Organic stuff is what it's best at. Snakes done in Sculptris and quick render in zbrush.


  • @Ghostman said in Anyone here uses Sculptris for props?:

    Sculptris IMO is just as good as the user more or less.

    Uh... that kinda limits me to rocks and omelettes... and amoebas perhaps... oh no.. :(

  • @fbs7 Practice. No one starts out accomplished.

  • As stated, you can use it for organic props. I've had this sitting in a folder so long I don't even remember who I made this for, but it was done in Sculptris and brought into Poser. This is a Firefly render.


  • I made a little spirit ghostie many years ago, but I think I had its materials mapped inside and outside for some reason, and it didn't quite turn out right as a semi-transparent prop inside Poser. So much for my experience with Sculptris.