Poser cloth simulation problem

  • Hello, i'm having this problem in the picture below when creating simulation of a cloth for Michael 4. The cloth is set to collide on Michael and the inner white cloth robe. It seems like the brown cloth won't follow the arm. How can i solve this problem ?!

  • @josephsm
    Does the robe cover the lower arm before you start the simulation, or is there pokethrough? If there is pokethrough you will either have to use the morph brush to fix it, or pose the arm slightly so that the pokethrough is gone before you start the simulation.

  • @Deecey

    There are actually some pokethrough at frame 01, but for some reason the morphing tool is not working and i can't fix these pokethrough. I don't get why the morph value is greyed out
    The cloth i'm using were spawned as props.

  • Change the pose at frame 0 such that the arm fits within the sleeve.
    Of course 'start from zero pose' should NOT be checked!

  • Was the appropriate forearm group checked as a collision target?

    If pokethrough is too much at start, Cloth Sim will ignore the targeted group.

    On morph issue: Make sure the other appropriate boxes are checked/unchecked. ie: A screenshot of the other settings would be helpful.

  • Managed to fix the problem.
    It turns out the arm movement was too fast that the cloth was not keeping up in the simulation. Fixed it by having more intermediate arm movements in the frames.

    Thanks for your replies