For crying out loud, fix the save!!!

  • I bet many here had the same frustration that I have when I try to add some old content to new documents: you add something, then say "Save frequently, save now!", click on Save, then Poser bangs on you and the document is destroyed because the save was incomplete.

    That's the lamest thing ever!! The problem is that if you open A.PZZ and click Save, it will immediately replace A.PZZ with the updated file. If the save fails, you lose A.PZZ.

    Now consider Word: if you open A.DOCX and click Save, it will first create ~TEMP.DOCX, then ONCE THE FILE CREATION IS FINISHED it will rename A.DOCX to something, rename ~TEMP.DOCX to A.DOCX, then delete A.DOCX. That's much, much safer than what Poser does.

    For crying out loud, just save A.PZZ as ~TEMP.PZZ, then rename the thing after having a full file!!

  • To my knowledge we save out PZ3 files as standard. A PZZ would suggest you're trying to save a zipped file. Regardless, in recent versions of the software you should be able to set up an Auto Save feature which will save out a series of saves for you, to help avoid overwriting files unintentionally. This can be setup in your General Preferences. You may want to give it a go.

  • I appreciate the suggestion, Teyon, but the problem is that when Poser gets an exception on File / Save (whether that's PZZ or PZ3), chances are the file you're working on will be lost, because the current document was getting updated when Poser failed.

    Compare that to an exception on File / Save As, which destroys only the new document, but leaves the old document safe.

  • @fbs7 Exactly what happened to me in earlier versions of PP11. Now I just do not auto-save. Enough grief.

  • I always make incremental saves in Poser, since P5 IIRC: "MyScene_1.pzz", "MyScene_2.pzz", and so on. At the end I delete everything but the last save to reclaim disk space.
    Many advantages: Not only I always have the last step still available, but also all the previous ones, in case I decide that some earlier setup was after all better than the current one.

    Speaking of which, a feature I'd like to have in Poser would be an incremental save, like for instance Cinema4D has: If I save "MyScene_n", Poser automatically creates a new save named "MyScene_n+1".

  • @rg5a I second that!