does anyone happen to know where the 3d character file is?

  • ok so i was wondering if anyone knows where the folder is where the downloaded content from clip studio is located. i was planning on rigging the model in blender (because the 3d model thing for clip studio is super slow and blender runs ALOT faster on my pc.).

    thanks in advance, doffs.

  • I'm not sure where on a PC but on a Mac I find the ones supplied with the program in Mac HD/Library/application support/CELSYS_EN/CLIPSTUDIO/Common/Material/Install. Not easy to find there either the names are gibberish and all materials are there. Hope you can translate that into PC terms. Good luck.


  • @jmickey thanks dude! it is really gibberish but i think i can find it. :D

  • All the CLIP STUDIO materials are obfuscated code with altered headers. You won't find any models in the 3D files you can edit. Registered Materials are not meant to be editable on purpose.

    You can, however, make your own models, rig them, and import them. If you want them to adopt poses dropped on them, however, your rigging has to follow Celsys' "Standard Bone Specification." There is no official English or HTML version of that manual, but you can download unofficially translated manuals that include it. The bone spec hasn't changed between the old and new model formats.

    If you want full-featured models like the native format ones (change clothes, facial expressions, hair, etc.) you'll need to build the files with the free legacy Japanese-language Clip Studio Coordinate (old format) or the free "set-up" features of the Japanese-language Clip Studio Modeler (new format).

    You can find more details on my blog site.