The Definitive Tutorial on Poser's Material Room...

  • While composing my directory, I've come across a literal treasure trove of Poser Props, scenes, vehicles, weapons, clothes, ecetera, ecetera, ecetera, and I thought to myself, wow, I might get that just to see if I can update it to Superfly, or try and improve the way it looks with some of Bagginsbill's tricks. A lot of the stuff I've run across has been out since Poser 6, or 7 and could benefit from an update. Still, I'm wondering is there a definitive tutorial out there for understanding the material room? Or for that matter, better understanding lights and cameras in Poser? If So, what is it and where can I find it?

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    For Pre-Poser 11 aRtBee have some really good free manuals.

    The only one I've seen so far for Superfly is from D3D.

  • Ralf Sesseler (Dimension3D) wrote an 'Introduction to Superfly' (available at Renderosity) that covers a lot of the (SuperFly-specific) basics in just over 50 pages.

    I found it helpful to read this alongside his Superfly shaders package, and experiment with the materials to see how changing things worked out. To that end I also added the Superfly shaders bundle available at DAZ to my runtime. These three things, together with various Blender Cycles tutorials online, have allowed me to build various Superfly-specific shaders.

  • @adosity Thanks guys. Also, I took a theater course in college on Lighting in the theater. When I got into Poser, one of the first things I noticed was that Poser uses a 3 point lighting system for it's Default set up. Well, it did, anyway. Any how, I thought you guys might like to read this about 3D lighting in rendering. Just so you know the book costs 55 dollars for paper back, and around 41 dollars for the e-book, both through Amazon, of course. But you can check out this link for a quick overall read on the subject.

  • @ghostman said in The Definitive Tutorial on Poser's Material Room...:

    For Pre-Poser 11 aRtBee have some really good free manuals.

    I just wanted to put in another plug for aRtBee's "Missing Manuals" -- both for Materials and the Cloth Room. I also have "Material Techniques" from D3D's older Poser Compendium series, which taught me a few useful new tricks, but I've learned the most by far from aRtBee's manuals. They're fairly dense, so I've returned to them many times over the years to re-read parts I didn't previously have enough experience to fully grasp. THANK YOU, ARtBee!!!