License issue running Poser Pro 11 under MacOS Sierra and Windows 10 on dual boot iMac

  • Hi Folks, I'm running up against an issue with whether it's possible to work around licensing a Poser Pro 11 installation on a single computer in a dual boot configuration which runs either MacOS Sierra or Windows 10.

    My normal platform is MacOS, but for various reasons, I have (with difficulty) configured a BootCamp partition which allows my iMac to alternatively boot to Windows 10. I have installed Poser Pro 11 on that partition and can launch the application, but I'm in a quandry about how best to deal with licensing the Windows Poser Pro installation. I'm not prepared to unlicense the MacOS installation every time I want to run Poser in Windows for testing Python scripts which need cross-platform compatibility, and I believe there are restrictions on the number of times one can deactivate and reactivate a license before things get locked up.

    Any suggestions (I cannot simply purchase another full license as I need to save every cent for the eventual release of Poser 12 - the longer that takes, the better chance I'll have of being able to afford it)

    This is a single hardware platform, not a separate Mac and PC. Only one instance of Poser 11 can be run at a time (I'm not using Virtual Machines).

  • You should be able to install a single license on up to three machines. What you describe is two. PC and Mac can not run the software of then other. You might be able to switch between the two but it is no different then having two machines on your desk. SO you will need to install the software twice.

  • Yes, You can have a license activated on up three machines but used on one at a time. A bootcamp partition would be considered separate machine. a I have mine on 2 machines a desktop and a laptop. Also you can go here:

    to see which machines are currently activated, and free up licenses to avoid the lock up you mentioned.

  • @richard60 & @david_macrae Thank you both for the info. It's most helpful. I shall proceed with the registration under Windows 10 of my existing license key and see how I get on. I had not actually attempted to do so, in case it had consequences for my existing license under MacOS, which I wasn't prepared to put at risk of any downtime. Cheers!