Saving Cloth Simulation to Props with a Figure

  • Hi!

    I have a figure that has a clothified Prop that has a simulation to drape around the figure (it's a shirt). When I save the figure to the Library, then reinstance it, the modification done in the cloth room is purged, along with the Simulation. Am I missing something on how to save this information?

    Left is the Figure with the draped shirt, right is what comes back after save to Library.

  • Did you advance the animation timeline to the last frame? The animation will load from disk at frame 1, so you need to drag it to the end of the animation again.

  • @Glitterati3D Good idea, but I just tried it and all 30 frames are exactly the same. The Simulation in the cloth room is missing too... (scratches head)... :-)

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    Before you sim, save the scene. The do the sim and after the sim, select the cloth and do a spawn Morph target (from the Object menu) and give it a name. Then set the Dynamics in the properties to 0 and set the new morph to 1, Now save the figure with the prop.

    The dynamic simulation is not saved with the figure. Using the Spawn morph makes the end result of the morph fixes and that is what you will save.

  • @wimvdb So any settings to the myriad variables in the cloth room are just thrown out? To make this work, it's "Defaults R Us" in the cloth room?

  • If you are saving a figure you cannot save the timeline. Poser (or any other software) wouldn't know where to put the timeline if you load it. For example, if you ran a 30 frame sim for the cloth and save it and then load that at the end of a 30 frame sim in another scene, does Poser add the frames together or assume they are congruent? As Poser has a default 30 frame timeline for every scene, there'd be a LOT of confused players out there if Poser started asking where to import the timeline.
    If you want to save the animation save the scene, not the figure, and merge (import) 'Poser document'. That WILL merge timelines.
    Alternately, if you want the cloth at a particular 'time and place' you position the character where you want them to appear, run the sim, save the cloth as an obj (not as a prop) then when you go to your actual scene for rendering, import the obj and make sure centre and place on floor are NOT checked. The object will appear where you want it. I do that all the time so my scenes don't need to store animation timelines.
    Finally, if you fit the cloth in the cloth room have the final frame being the default T pose then export the cloth as an obj and re import it. It will come back in with the shape altered to fit the character. AT THAT POINT it can be saved as a dynamic cloth prop for that character. Fit as normal, run your sims.
    AFAIK, Poser cannot store cloth room settings with specific cloth models UNLESS you have saved them as a prop (which means they will have the settings but not the animation).

  • If it is a static pose, just, when you do the simulation, create a moph of the last frame, I think this is the best way to save the simulated pose.

  • @piersyf In general, I rarely create additional frames, finding that "draping" is more than sufficient. I also lose any collision settings, and other stuff that's a real pain to recreate each time I want to pull a cloth out to use. Even if I did create frames, and animation, I wouldn't want to store the animation itself, but the ability to create the animation, a whole lot more work to set up each time with the "disposable razor" variety of cloth room settings.

    I guess I should just add this to the "I wish Poser 12 would do this" pile...