Character creating: exporting morph inj. ?

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    It has been suggested that in PP11 I can create my Character with inj. files without having to edit the deltas (in V4 for example). If this is true, I'd like a walk through so I can continue on my character creation journey to vendordom. ;)

  • Make sure Use External Morph Targets is turned on

    File>Export>Morph Injection

    You'll be supplied a list of morphs, check the ones you wish to include in the INJ file and save it to your Pose folder.

    You will have to include the resulting pmd file in the distribution.

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    I'm a little stunned here. This replaces the exhaustive delta file editing in the .cr2 file? Just for clarification.

  • @Boni and yet, despite it's usefulness, many long-time users permanently disable external morph targets due to early setbacks and have to suffer with (or delight in hand editing) the cr2 files requiring pre-defined injection slots. No doubt, many have had their own bad experiences or read about others' losses incurred due to premature release of the feature before sufficient bugs had been ironed out, as I have learned from @nerd3d 's dissertations on the subject.

    I'm just now (having finally gotten my hands on a python script which purports to be able to read .pmd files - haven't had time to play with it yet) considering re-enabling the feature, since I was never a fan of black-box solutions that weren't amenable to fixing with a text editor.

  • @Boni found the blurb from @nerd3d :

    Poser 6 PMD Injection

  • Why oh why do we Poser users do this to ourselves?

    A simple question was asked and an answer provided.

    The Poser 11 Morph INJ routine is an amazing example of having Chuck (Nerd3D) at the helm of Poser. He knew and understood what content creators needed to make life simple.

    But, instead of just trying it. Instead of taking the information and applying it, nooooooooo, we have to endure a tired, ridiculous history of a Poser function.

    I use the Morph INJ from Poser 11 extensively. I have:

    1. created morph injections for every piece of clothing for Dusk when a new character went on the market. And gave them away for free. It took longer to create the png files and prepare the distribution zip than it did to create the morph injection.
      0_1503491096584_INJ Dante Kilt.png

    2. created morph injections for clothing from Dawn's release 3 years ago to fit inside a pair of boots that will be released this week.
      0_1503491130556_INJ OOT Pants Boot Fit.png

    3. created a morph injection for a character for Dawn.

  • @Glitterati3D I abjectly apologise. It was certainly not my intention to promulgate negatives of the past, as appears to be your perception of my post, but rather, that I was experiencing an epiphany: that something which I had avoided through painful, personal memory, was actually worthy of re-evaluation, thanks to being directed to information of whose existence I had not previously been aware.

    "Just trying it", is indeed something I am currently in the process of preparing to do (you will understand what a protracted process that might appear, to contemplate converting libraries full of uncompressed content - yes, I know there are tools to help, I just have to overcome my phobias).

    Tired the history may be, and absolutely ridiculous at times, yet my fumbling attempts to respond positively (with Nerd3D's justified defense of PMD injections) to my perhaps mistaken perception that @Boni 's "I'm a little stunned here" implied "surely this is too good to be true, given long resolved problems and the elaborate workarounds to avoid them?" Hence my obviously inept answer prompting you to garb yourself in starlight and smite me from on high ;-). [Nice render, btw]

    Do you agree that testimony from those who have finally begun to return to the light might begin to sway those who have yet to? Here we have a forum where answers and opinions are freely given, and taking the time to listen to others and attempt to empathise with them improves us all. Those of us who strive to improve ourselves and our community understandably don't just want their questions classed as carping or be told to shut up and be spoon fed, when asking questions is the only way many issues can be resolved.

    Peace :-)

  • @anomalaus I'm not trying to do anything but say can we please stop re-living every Poser 5/6/7/8 bug and celebrate a version of Poser that addresses those bugs?

    Is there some reason we have to temper highs with the lows?

    Can we not just be happy that whatever issues existed years ago are finally resolved?

    Why do we have to re-live history even when that history has been obliterated by Poser finally responding to the concerns of the users?

    Why do we have to temper every good development with but, but, but......

  • @Glitterati3D m(_ _)m please stop hitting me. You win.

  • Hi.
    If you're like me and you like to keep the figures and clothing intact while working - you can create the injection without having to turn on Use External Morphs.
    Then just test it on a blank as usual and carry on creating.

    just thought I'd mention it

  • @adi I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you're saying. If I create a morph injection in P11 using Export>Morph Injection without turning on PMD the morph simply doesn't work at all.

    Can you clarify for me please?

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    The .pmd corruption/loss issue was fixed quite a while ago. Whereas I formerly avoided external binary morph data, now I do use it, and I haven't seen a corrupted .pmd since. Using .pmd when saving dolls/scenes is considerably lighter on system resources, with noticeably smaller file sizes.

  • @Glitterati3D said in Character creating: exporting morph inj. ?:

    @adi I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you're saying. If I create a morph injection in P11 using Export>Morph Injection without turning on PMD the morph simply doesn't work at all.

    Can you clarify for me please?

    Sure. Poser Windows 10 -

    Edit > General Preferences > Misc > Save files > Use external binary morph targets is unchecked

    load a custom morph on your desired figure/clothing

    file > export > morph injection > select objects > pick custom morph > ok

    select folder location and name file *.pz2 > Save

    for this example - close and re open poser

    load figure without the custom morph and navigate to where you just save the morph you just made and click and load it

    • it does work without having - Use external binary morph targets on - and the files produced are exactly the same

  • @adi Following this method in PoserPro11.0.7.33971, Windows 7, the morph injection file fails. It does absolutely nothing at all.

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    I'm a pretty smart cookie, most of the time. Sometimes though I need a walk through ... a step by step. Say I've done this so far:

    1. created all the shaders, maps and converted them to mat pose files and have them in a dedicated runtime file ...
    2. Spin-dialed a V4 to a new and unique character that I want to sell at Renderosity ...
    3. I even have all my thumbnails completed for the package

    Where do I take step 2 to readiness for distribution?

  • @Glitterati3D said in Character creating: exporting morph inj. ?:

    @adi Following this method in PoserPro11.0.7.33971, Windows 7, the morph injection file fails. It does absolutely nothing at all.

    well we could go backwards and forwards disagreeing with each other but that seems rather silly don't you think...

    I create all my body and head morph using this method and have no trouble moving the files between Poser 11 and Poser 2014 on different PCs without even changing the internal folder location of the .pz2 and they still work - Obviously I tidy the locations up if I share the files.

    Honestly it does work and baring looking over my shoulder or me setting up a camera I don't really see a need to convince you otherwise

  • @Boni You say 'spin-dialled', is that using your own morphs or other morphs? If it's using the pack you mentioned at Rendo, then wouldn't the PMD be using DAZ morphs, as that package requires the Morphs++ and Elite sets as it contains no actual morphs, only poses that call the aforementioned DAZ morphs? Unless you are going to just be including INJ/REM poses rather than a PMD file. Just trying to clarify, that's all.

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    Hi ... apparently because of the DAZ EULA I still need to use the INJ/REM procedure as out-lined in packages such as the Eve Collection's PDF to edit the cr2's as before ... rather than the pmd which is an alternate distribution method which can be used with Poser native figures. I had been under the misconception that Poser could now bypass the process and still be within the EULA ... but at least now I know.

  • @Boni can you link us to that PDF? I'm interested to know how the DAZ EULA could prevent you packaging pose files you have created and any custom morphs you have made as long as you can demonstrate that they are not derived from any combination of DAZ supplied morphs.

    E.g. you use the morph brush or a magnet to put a bruise bump on a character's shoulder and then save a morph which contains only those vertices which were deformed or modified. If the morph has a different number of deltas, you could probably prove mathematically that it could not be derived by just "Spin-dialling" morphs covered by the DAZ EULA.

    As @raven implies, any PMD you distribute would be prevented from containing any morph deltas derived from DAZ EULA covered morphs, but Pose files which just dial up DAZ morphs which the user must already own cannot be prohibited. IIUC

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    the PDF is part of the purchase package ... and CUSTOM morphs are exempt from the EULA. It's when you use the morphs ++ package that need you to edit the cr2 and copy deltas you've used from the "master" list as you said. It was the derivitives I was trying to find a "shortcut" to working with. Does DAZ have a "plug-in" or something that can do that? I know that Netherworks Creator's toybox doesn't quite do it.