Vin Diesel Chrome Eyes - Hmmmm

  • Hello all. New to the forum and to Poser Pro.

    Been learning the ins and outs, still have much to learn. However, right now I'm having a very odd issue.

    I am using James, have him dressed out in his suit and tie and set in the office background. I am using the office interior HDRI lighting.

    Everything seems to be just fine, except for his eyes. Rendering in OpenGL or Preview, his eyes look fine; but using SuperFly render, his eyes look like Vin Diesel's from Pitch Black.

    I can't seem to find the issue. I looked at the eye material, but it doesn't seem to be the culprit, although as I said, I am just starting out with Poser.

    I am running dual Xeon 2680 v3 2.5GHz processors, dual Quadro M6000s, and rolling with 128GB of RAM.

    I have tried rendering with caustics on and off.. the end result appears to be the same.

    Suggestions? Help?

  • Put up the numberof raytrace bounces?

  • The min bounces are 1, max are 8.

    Diffuse 1
    Glossy 2
    Transmission 8
    Min Transparent 4
    Max Transparent 16
    Volume 0

  • It's the EyeTrans material. FireFly and SuperFly handle specular and reflections and such much differently.

    For a quick fix, select the EyeTrans material.
    Add a new root node, but choose the Physical Surface root node (not a PoserSurface node). Assign this Physical Surface node to the SuperFly renderer.
    Then just set the Transparency to 1.


    Now what will happen is, if you render the EyeTrans material in FireFly it will use the PoserSurface Node and the original material settings. When you render in SuperFly it will use the new PhysicalSurface node and transparency settings.

  • Thank you very much, Deecey... that solved the issue! I really appreciate it

  • @rpsdev said in Vin Diesel Chrome Eyes - Hmmmm:

    Thank you very much, Deecey... that solved the issue! I really appreciate it

    No problem! :-)

  • @ghostship Had to do just that, again, last night. I'm glad for your Eye Shaders, but next time this happens I'm going to try Deecey's quick fix too. Then I'll have 2 methods for fixing the alien eyes I sometimes see.

  • @Miss-B when you rely on two mat zones for glossyness on the eyes you can see the transition line between the zones. Looks bad so I use the transparency/cornea/eye surface zone that covers the entire eye. I leave the lens part invisible if that is separate from the eye whites.

  • @ghostship Ahhh, good to know. So far I've found your method gives me good results each time. I just thought it would be nice to have another method . . . just in case. I may try it out after I finish a SuperFly render I've been working on since last night, so I may have some comments after I've played with it.