Using Ruler = Automatically Snap To Ruler

  • Whenever I use the ruler tool, the default is to use the ruler, while in "snap to ruler." How do I change the default. I keep having to unsnap everytime I click on the ruler tool, and its a bit annoying.

  • Hm, did you switch off "Able to snap" in the "Sub tool property" tab? You must apply this to the specific ruler tool in question.


  • That's not quite the issue. So this what my issue is. Say I use the linear ruler to make a line. I want to make like 5 lines in a row. Every time I make a new ruler-line, the ruler-line will try to force its way to the nearest nearby ruler. It won't do this if I click off the "snap to ruler" on my command center at the top. But I have to click on the "off' button every time I make a new line. I wish it would just stay off, so I could make the lines faster?

    Does that explain it well?

  • @brettfav4 said in Using Ruler = Automatically Snap To Ruler:

    command center at the top

    Well, I guess it is indeed the issue :) I used to feel a bit confused using the Linear Ruler: You control the "stickiness" (of my knowledge) two places in the UI: (1) The "command center at the top" (2) The Sub Tool Detail panel

    The latter (2) overrules the first: When its activated (1) tends everytime -- after drawing a new ruler line -- to return to the settings made in "Sub Tool Detail" .

    If the "Able to Snap" check box's not visible click the little wrench in the downmost panel corner below and you'll find it in a new panel. Find "Correction"-->"Able to Snap" here.

    Play with the Snap To Ruler-button in the top command center and the check mark in Sub Tool Detail and you'll see ...


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