Wrinkles in weigthmapped clothing

  • Does anyone know what the cause of this is and how I can solve it?
    0_1503872866385_Weightmap Wrinkles.JPG
    Everytime I try to fit a tight conforming figure to a weightmapped model, V4WM, Alfaseed v4, Sasha, I get wrinkles .
    I don't know how to get rid of this, can someone shine some light on this?
    I have done this pants with the fitting room, but I also get the same result with poserplace outfitter, and copy joints from...



  • To start with the pants are too low poly. Add some geometry to them.

    Then, leftover wrinkling will be caused by the 2 weight maps - thigh and shin intruding on the other. Some minor adjustment on the shin to subtract it so far up the thigh will work wonders.

    However, the intrusion is from the low density mesh first and foremost.

  • This is a rather high density map,how high do I need to go? I have already doubled the density of the original map.
    The density is higher than the original V4 mesh. I suspect this is a poser flaw.

  • @bopperthijs OK, well, then I have no idea how to help you. I will say, however, that it's not a Poser flaw - it only happens with other figures on low polygon models.

    Perhaps it's a V4 thing, then? You will notice there's only one consistent thing in the equation - V4.

  • If you've already added weight maps to the clothing, then those crinkles are probably due to weight maps that have to be smoothed.
    Also, I find that the weight maps transfer more smoothly when you use the "Copy Joint Zones From" command in the Pose room, vs leaving them as they came from the fitting room or the pose room.

    Anyway, what I'd do to start is copy the weight maps from your figure to your clothing again. (Select pants, choose Figure > Copy Joint Zones From, and select your weight mapped figure, which I am assuming is Sasha).

    After that, you should open the Joint Editor, and work on each body part ... for example, do the abdomen bends, then the waist bends, then the thigh bends, etc. Rotate each joint (Bend, Twist, side-side) and use the Smooth brush to blend out the jaggies.

    If you're trying to use clothing that hasn't been weight mapped on a figure that HAS been weight mapped, I have to check on that as I've never done it before.

  • Thank you for your comments, I use a model that has been made with Marvelous Designer and imported as a prop. I have tried to remesh it in Zbrush, but than I loose the original UV map, which is just a nice feature of MD.
    I have also tried the setup room, but the results keep the same.

  • Clothing with higher vertrex density than figure the weight maps are taken from will give this effect. Less vertices = less possibility the weightmap does not form a smooth surface.
    Less may be better, and use subdivision for better appearance.

  • @fverbaas
    I suspected already something like that.