3D model textures not importing with model

  • Hey, Sorry if this has been asked before but I didn't see a thread on it. So I have been using CSP for some time now because of these crazy sales they have and I love it, I especially love the fact you can bring in 3D objects which I use constantly for reference. I have been able to import some models and save them to the materials menu but no matter what I do I am unable to have them appear with the textures. I have OBJ's that have MTL files and I made sure to Zip them all together and yet I still can't get the textures to show on the inported models. One file I had was a .max file that I exported to OBJ. and I have a Daz3d File that is already in .obj but does not have a mtl file. What do I need to do so I can get these models imported with their textures and colors instead of a gray or yellow blog?

  • @tinkerbox when you zip up your .OBJ with it's textures they can't be in a subfolder, they have to be at the same root as model. You'll probably have to manually edit the MTL file to point to the new location. Then zip it, drag, and drop into your canvas and it should have the textures on it.