Is it possible to import another animation into another animation?

  • My upper body half animation is separate from my leg animation, is it possible to import the animations together into 1 rig?

    I have a upper half animation and a leg animation

    Basically I want to combine those 2 into one

  • I'd do it by saving one animation to the library, then applying that to the other one. The key is to only save the joints that are relevant. I recommend you save the leg animation because that will be the simpler one.

    When the dialog box pops up asking you to name your animated pose, first click on the 'Select Subset' button and select the leg joints: toes, feet, shins and thighs. Then save to the library.

    Assuming your animations are completely independent, you can now apply the leg pose on top of the arm animation, where it will overwrite only the leg joint data.

    If you want to blend two animations, there's probably a way to do that too, but I have no experience of that...

  • Combining animation is a simple COPY/PASTE operation.
    You just need to ensure that when you combine the two sets of keyframes, they will be easy to edit. However, if editing is not a concern then feel free to skip the RESAMPLE ANIMATION step.

    1. Resample Animaion -- This will ensure that your keyframes are on the same frame for both upper and lower body, so that you can adjust your pose once combined on the same frame for the whole body.

    Depending on the complexity of your animation, or how dense your keys are, (Pixar level every frame? every 3rd frame? or a more reasonable every 5th frame?) Resample the animation, for example, to every 3rd frame. This sets a key for every part of the character at every 3rd frame.

    1. Regardless of re-sampling the animation or not, open up the keyframe editor.
      Expand your character so that you can see the keys for all the body parts, or in this case the leg animation.
      Delete any keys that you don't need.
      Save the file.

    2. Open the upper body animation, and repeat step 1 if you want the keys to match up on the same frames.
      Same as above, delete all the keys in the keyframe editor from the legs.
      Now collapse the character in the keyframe editor so that you can select all the keys on one line.
      COPY! (a few times just to make sure)

    3. Open the legs animation.
      Open the keyframe editor. (collapse the character if it's open... one line of keys)
      Go to frame 1 and PASTE.

    Edit as desired.

    If you took the time to resample both animations at every 3rd frame, you can adjust any part of your character without creating unpredictable interpolations by having keys too close to one another.