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    As I was doing more research I ran across an interesting find at Renderosity concerning dynamic clothing for Poser. Renderosity has about 400 dynamic outfits, by various vendors of course, that you can thumb through.

    That is true Clark, but when you narrow that down to authentic Greek outfits, there are about 10 or so.
    Sshodan's Dark Court Robes looked promising and impressive, but sadly not very practical for animation, unless there is a way to reduce the poly count. For a promo image it is very impressive, but it takes my box more then a minute per frame to sim those complex outfits. 24 hours for 1 minute of animation.


    The custom modeled two piece outfit on the other hand is only 45K polys, and sims @ 3 sec/frame. It might not be as cool as Sshodan's robes, but it makes a huge difference when there are more than one character in the scene. Also, the dynamic cloth often determines what a character can and can not do, which requires many test sims to figure out.

    Here's the progress so far.


    We need a few variations of this style and some help with texture mapping, because right now, my texturing skill extends only to coloring polygons :]

    The clothing is modeled in Maya, with great care taken to make sure it is optimized for animation.


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    Liking this so far.

    As for dynamic clothing, you could try converting the conforming clothing you're using to dynamics. You'd need to remove the grouping and then reweld the groups before doing the sims but it's quicker than having to remodel the clothes entirely.

    There's also the poly count reduction tools you could try, if you have game dev or P11 Pro. Not sure how badly it would affect the quality of the dynamics tho since I haven't tried it, just an idea.

  • @AmbientShade

    Slight wardrobe malfunction...


    You have a good point about adapting regular outfits for dynamics... and an even better one for welding seams.
    Good thing the apron stayed in place, right? ;]

  • @krios What was your collision set up on that?

  • @eclark1849 said in Eros & Psyche: The movie:

    @krios What was your collision set up on that?

    Just a simple collide against character at .25 offset and hand, feet and head excluded.
    The only thing changed on the cloth was the weight and dynamic friction to make sure the skirt falls down.
    The cloth figure was exported as an OBJ and then re-imported to make the whole thing sim at once.

  • @krios Ah, okay, so you wanted the skirt to fall down. Did you set the collision with the apron?

  • @krios There's also this program to use conforming clothing and hair in dynamic simulations.
    There's a demo you can try out

  • @eclark1849
    Technically, this was just a test per AmbientShade's suggestion.
    The idea is to "stitch" all the different parts of the outfit so that it can be converted to a dynamic cloth without it falling apart.

    Thank you for the tip Kalypso! Definitely an interesting program to look into.

  • The two older and somewhat envious sisters:

    Story so far:
    Psyche was so beautiful that all the men and women in the land came to admire her while ignoring her two older sisters.
    This did not sit very well with the envious sisters, who plotted against Psyche to undermine her popularity.

  • The fame of her beauty was so great that strangers from neighboring countries came in crowds to enjoy the sight, and looked on her with amazement, paying her that homage which is due only to Aphrodite herself. In fact Aphrodite found her altars deserted, while men turned their devotion to this young virgin. As she passed along, the people sang her praises, and strewed her way with chaplets and flowers. (source: Thomas Bulfinch)

  • Here's the sequence for Aphrodite. Needless to say, she is not too happy about her "followers" bailing on her.
    This was the hardest one to set up so far because of her expressive way of talking. The body language and facial expressions are not all there, but hopefully the animatic works well so far cinematically.

    What you guys think of Aphrodite's voice?

  • The first & second production stages of this episode, the animatic is now done.
    The third stage is breakdown or inbetweens, also known as linear animation.

    Here's the opening scene as "linear" blocking or more technically, at 6 FPS:

    The blue dress might be too revealing and the red one too prudish...

  • Some more blocking action for your viewing pleasure:

    Up next: rough animation...

  • That's awesome! What an ambitious project! I drink to its success!

  • @fbs7
    Thank you my friend... and I raise a toast to your health!

  • Straight from the director's desk:

    Those of you with directorial inclinations are invited to sit in the director's chair to see if you agree with this scene's direction so far.

    Do you like the timing? Are the lines not too corny? This scene has been chopped up so much, that the lines now sound temporary at best.

    Before a new retake is ordered, we'd love to hear from you because this scene is the most important one in the entire flick--the god of love, Eros, falls in love with Psyche, a mortal girl.

  • 0_1514694043034_HNY-R.jpg

    Happy & Prosperous New Year!
    May Eros within you raise your soul to the heights of Mt. Olympus, the adobe of the gods.

  • We're on our way now! Here's the first finished clip to give you an idea of what the final animation will look like fully rendered and animated.

    This scene is a "flash-forward", the part where Psyche is sent by Aphrodite to the underworld to fetch the goddess a beauty balm. The only way Psyche knows how to get to the underworld, is to jump off something high. In the original story it was a tower, but in this case, a cliff will do as well.

    Will she do it? Will she jump? Stay tuned and find out...

  • Pretty impressive work there! All this was done in poser?

  • @Lotharen
    Thank you Lotharen.
    Yup, Poser all the way, with a little help from Maya (modeling the outfit) and After Effects for video editing.

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