Eros & Psyche: The movie

  • We're on our way now! Here's the first finished clip to give you an idea of what the final animation will look like fully rendered and animated.

    This scene is a "flash-forward", the part where Psyche is sent by Aphrodite to the underworld to fetch the goddess a beauty balm. The only way Psyche knows how to get to the underworld, is to jump off something high. In the original story it was a tower, but in this case, a cliff will do as well.

    Will she do it? Will she jump? Stay tuned and find out...

  • Pretty impressive work there! All this was done in poser?

  • @Lotharen
    Thank you Lotharen.
    Yup, Poser all the way, with a little help from Maya (modeling the outfit) and After Effects for video editing.

  • @krios I liked it, but in my mind, I see the wind blowing, but nothing blowing IN the wind, like leaves. It would also be nice if you could find a way to animate a few strands of hair in the wind.

  • @eclark1849
    I know. The scene is as dry as a nun's sense of humor.
    Was just about to post a thread here about VFX for some kind of dust or particles that could be animated in Poser or After Effects.
    But thanks for the leaf idea, that might be doable as there are plenty of props for that.
    As for the hair, as nice as it would be, we're only aiming for 80% quality ;]

  • Great work. It's always nice to see quality animation coming from Poser.

  • @Me195
    Thank you for your kind words.
    What you see is student level stuff... just imagine what a professional animator could do with Poser.

  • Poser Ambassadors

    @krios Really really nice work. :)

  • @Ghostman
    Thank you Ghostman, glad you dig it :]

  • The updated version and the official teaser:

    Improved lighting, and as @eclark1849 suggested, a bit of "confetti" (Petal Storm) by Evil Innocence.

  • Wow, this is wonderfully done. The 'confetti' really adds to it. And I love the butterfly (fairy?) at the beginning. I look forward to more.

  • @redphantom
    Thanks red! With any luck we'll have the first episode done real soon.

  • The first preview with final outfits:

    This is a 6 FPS pose test, so the clothing is a bit erratic, but if it works at 6 FPS, it will be perfect at 24.
    Also, it's faster to simulate 680 frames (@ 6 FPS) as opposed to 2700 frms. (@24 FPS)

  • The preparation scene for your viewing pleasure:


  • Please enjoy the first mini-episode of the Eros & Psyche story.

    Fully animated and rendered with Poser Pro 2014.
    We'll give this project a break for now and let Psyche enjoy some time off.

    Please stay tuned for our next, significantly shorter story: Orpheus & Eurydice!

    Directed by Rhea
    Animated by Krios
    Music by Dominic

    Thank you all for your encouragement and support!

  • This thread might be plagued by a bunch of outdated YouTube links, but this one is here to stay:

    This is the final version of the Eros & Psyche animation. We didn't get to the part where Eros shows up, so this short test run episode is now called A day in Psyche's life.

    As mentioned before, we had to put this one to sleep in favor of a much shorter and better written animation, the sad tale of Orpheus and Eurydice. Here's a sneak peek for your viewing pleasure:

    Thank you for keeping an eye on this thread, and I hope you will enjoy the next episode as well.