WHY aren't manga studio blend layers compatible with photoshop?

  • My employer wants psd files. when i save my work in manga studio, i get a dialogue box saying, 'layer info incompatible and layer information will be rasterized ...etc." When i open the file in Photoshop, the blending layers are not are not applied. see below. Am I doing something wrong? is there a way to get them to work in photoshop ie color conversion or something? do i need to get manga studio EX? please help . see pics attached. you will see in photo shop the difference in her face. the area around her nose eyes and mouth is very desaturated . ( i cant spell i am in a rush) this part of her face is from an earlier version of this character that i am trying to apply to this final piece.

    alt text

    alt text

  • There are some layer types that aren't compatible with Photoshop; text and vectors for example. These layers become rasterized. If a blend layer is causing you issues, flatten as much as you can before exporting to PSD.

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