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  • Re: How Can I Relocate the "CELSYS_EN" folder?

    I just purchased a new Surface Book and the CELSYS folder installed in the "One Drive" folder by default. so I dragged it into "my Documents" and reference it there but I got these two dialogues everytime I start CSP. So I call myself doing a fresh install and unchecked save everything to "One Drive". Same results, the I dragged the "CELSYS" folder from my PC, same thing. Any fix for this?1_1504578276972_Sketch (4).png 0_1504578276972_Sketch (2).png

  • It kind of seems like a permissions issue if it thinks it's first-run every time you run it. I'd make sure Paint can actually modify the files in that directory.

  • Actually what happened the in initial setup of surface book they gave you a option to save all documents, pix, music, vidz to "Onedrive" and I let it happened. So I changed a future files back to "My documents" and moved " CELSYS" folder to MyDocs. but alas, the new update fixed that.

  • Ah! Ok. I wasn't sure if this was the 1.6.7 install or not. Glad you got it fixed.

  • My bad, I've should've been more specific, Thanks for all your help @OffWorld