Extended Download Service

  • could anyone please explain what is Extended Download Service? If I dont buy it I`ll be able to download the product only one time? And if i need to reinstall it I can do it only from pre-downloaded distributive? And Extended Download Service term is 2 years as far as I remember, so after these 2 years I will not be able to download it again in any way?

  • I believe you can purchase an extension in the future for a few bucks. I did when I lost one of my setup files. The easiest thing to do is burn the file to CD and store it yourself.

  • :)) you are funny. I dont even have CD-drive on my laptop

  • Put it on a USB stick.

  • Thank you, I understand the solution, it is not very reliable though. I`m travelling a lot and can lose or brake any usb-device. The possibility of download from the net at any time is a big advantage nowadays over any hardware storage. Anyway, is it still possible to buy this service later? The point is if I really need to buy it or I can for example download cracked version and activate it with purchased key instead.

  • With CSP you can download the trial version and use your serial to activate. But I needed a download that had expired and just purchased an extension.

  • still dont understand. If you can download trial version and activate it, why you needed extension?

  • I didn't extend my download period for CSP. I've purchased other software from Smith Micro.

  • Ah, got it. But I'm asking about extension of download period.

  • At any time in the future, go to your Content Paradise account and click Order History. Then go to the purchase that you made. Click Purchase Download Svc and you can buy a 2 year download service. Your ability to download the file will expire 2 years from the date of that service purchase. I think for an extension on the CSP price range the cost of extending is about 9 bucks.

  • Ok, again - if you can download trial version, why you need EDS? Which advantages it gives you?

  • I've downloaded the trial version and used my serial number to activate it. It's the full version. If you want to use the 2 year extension service - use it. If you want to download the trial version and activate it with your serial number do that.

    I'm not sure what you're asking. I told you that you can activate the trial version and you said you're asking about the extension service. I told you about the extension service and you ask why you can't just use the trial version.

  • Seems some misunderstanding here. What is Extended Download Service? I thought it is a kind of service which allows you to download purchased product any time during 2 years. If so - its pointless becoz you can activate trial version. May be Im wrong in some point, in this case please explain.

  • Is there some reason not to backup the installer files on one's Dropbox, or Google Drive accounts?

    Personally the best option IMO is to backup to CD/DVD/SSD —and buy an external drive to use them; cloud backups are fine to have, but they can disappear, or be inaccessible from one's location. ISO files, and physical media can be in-hand, and provide immediate access. Just the other day, I was on the road, and needed to download from Humble Bundle, and the tablet I was on wasn't recognized by HB, so they sent me a verification code... and the tablet didn't have the password to that email account. No verification, no download—despite having the correct login credentials for HB. I could (should have) have had that stuff on an SD chip in my wallet.

  • The EDS is a service that allows you to download a product anytime within the 2 year period after the purchase of the EDS. Smith Micro sells a lot of programs and they offer an EDS on all of them. In the case of CSP, the trial version activates to full version using the serial number. It's entirely up to you what you want to do with that info but I've never had to use an EDS with CSP. I have had to use it with other software.

  • I think it's a valid point... Of what benefit is the EDS if the trial is freely downloadable, and otherwise behaves identically to the full installer?

    **I still say local backups are better than corporate cloud, because the cloud backup can be updated without one's consent, and perhaps that's not wanted.... if so, then tough luck getting the previous version.

  • I think it's just a service that's offered for everything that gets sold. I've never needed it with CSP. I have needed it for other programs although I do prefer to back up to DVD. I was in China recently and needed a download. Spent a few bucks and extended for 2 years.

  • Guys, please stop offering backups on physical drives. This is obvious. And please don't answer if you are not sure how EDS works with CSP. The only thing I understood at the moment is that it's up to me to pay 10 extra bucks for nothing or not. The advantage of EDS for Clip Studio still unclear.

  • If you purchase something from Content Paradise without EDS, you have one month download window.
    If you add EDS to your order, you extend that window to 2 years.

    If an installer for a demo can be unlocked to the full program your fine, until the demo isn't available for that version.

    In the case of Clip Studio Paint I personally don't see where EDS has an advantage.
    The demo can be unlocked, and you can get the demo from Clipstudio.net as well.

    No idea if that will change in the future, my crystal ball is broken.....

  • @shvrdavid thanx a lot. Now things much more clear.