video reflected on eye

  • Has anyone done something like this before? I didn’t see any posts like this.

    I have a project that needs a closeup shot of an eye blinking with a video seen on the cornea of the eye like a reflection. I need to be able to fly the camera around from the side view to front view showing this video on top of the cornea of the eye.

    If this were just a front view of the eye, I would just composite the video on the 3D model in a program like After Effects. But because the client wants to see the side view perspective pan to the front view, I’m looking for an easier/simpler solution.

    Is it possible to overlay this video in poser and just export the finished video sequence that way?

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    Easy. Parent a spotlight to the camera and have the spotlight project the movie onto the cornea (load an AVI into a movie node in the light's material). The spotlight's spread angles will need to be tuned to fit the cornea.

    Or, apply the AVI to the cornea material and animate its U-coordinate offset to keep it aligned with the camera. More than one way to skin a moose.

    What version of Poser are you using, and what doll base are you using?

  • Convert your video to sequential JPGs and apply that as a movie texture to the cornea.


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    Do not apply the movie texture to the cornea. It will not move as a reflection does as the camera changes viewpoint and even if it did, the nightmare of getting the UV mapping to work is - well - a nightmare.

    Instead, play the movie on a rectangle prop - as if it were a screen suspended in front of the figure which it actually will be if you do it this way.

    With a proper Fresnel reflecting shader on the cornea it will look real.

  • Thanks for the responses! I'm intrigued to try all 3 concepts that you guys brought up and seeing how they compare. I truly believe the client doesn't know exactly what he wants, lol, so this will help him "clarify" what that is. I will post again if for some reason he doesn't like any of the results. Thanks again!

  • Here's a quick texturing test done with Terai Yuki, by putting the image to be reflected on top of the eye texture at 50% transparency.
    If you use an existing eye texture map as a template for placing the video images, you won't have to worry about UV mapping.


    Only problem is that when the camera moves, it will look like a texturemap instead of a reflection.
    The other two suggestions are very creative, and might look better for a moving camera.

    Let us know how it turns out.