Is it possible to save out ONE created FBM or Partial?

  • Hiya,

    Part of the reason I upgraded to Poser 11 (no regrets so far) is that I thought I'd read where one could export or save out a FBM or a PBM. I'm currently working on a pack that's completed for DAZ Studio but want to make sure and offer the best I can for the Poser users too. Teyon helped me understand about the bone relations fix for morphs that have the body larger/smaller than the default size so that's fixed and all the poses work as expected but now I need to save out the morph and I can't for the life of me figure that out.

    Thanks for the help,

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    Yes you can in Poser11Pro :-)

    Load your figure with the FBM 'or Partial Body Morph you created.

    Then goto : File => Export => Morph Injection

    That offers a menu to select what to include in the injection. Then it creates the injection files for you.

    The same menu also offers the option to Export an injection for Conforming clothing to make that fit.

    There are some handy tools now in Poser11Pro :-)

  • Totally awesome. Thanks so much! :-)

  • One other question. Should I have the morph turned all the way off? I don't want it to load and dial itself up in case there are other morphs in play. Opening up the PZ2 after exporting I see enabled set to 1.... not sure if that means that so thought I'd ask.

    Thanks again!

  • Also, how does one make a REM injection pose?

    Thank you!

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    So sorry, but a REM pose is not yet included.
    It was asked for but not yet coded.

  • Oh dear. Is there a way to have Poser write one in any other way? Odd that they wrote out this brilliant script to create an INJ pose but no code to remove it! lmao