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  • No they don't! It is very weird this is happening. Something has to be off with Poser.

  • Have you turned on show hidden in the parameter palette?

    Many times, translations are hidden.

  • Where is that?

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    I can reproduce Janet's problem, applying a MilHorse animation to the HiveWire horse in P11Pro (64bit Win7Pro).

    In frame 001, I see that "limousine horse" artifact, and in the last frame the horse's rear is out in front of the rest of the horse.
    0_1504710646669_HW horse w MilHorse ani pose - Trans keys wiped.jpg
    I opened the keyframe palette and wiped out the keys for hip translation,
    0_1504710674485_HW horse w MilHorse ani pose - hip translations.PNG
    and verified that there are no translation keys for body nor center of mass. I also made sure that the initial translation values were zero.
    Harry the horse is still stretched!

    I tried setting preview to SreeD (& no hardware shading), then returned to my usual OpenGL with hardware shading. I also switched the preview mode (silhouette, outline, hidden line, textured shaded).

  • Show hidden is under the little triangle on the upper right of the parameter palette.


  • But my image was a mil horse animation applied to mil horse. Here's another one, see how the hooves are off his legs? No IK chains in the pose and no IK chains in the figure it was applied to. alt text

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    edit: Ooops cross-posted while I was composing

    Aha! Open the Joint Editor window (Shift+Ctrl+J); you'll see that the hip's origin remains at the back of the horse where it should be, but the horse's rear mesh is translated away from its origin.

    But I don't know ~why~ it's doing that.

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    I just tried one of my MilHorse animations on the MilHorse; it works properly.

  • One thing at a time here.

    Every picture I see on here is a body part translation issue.
    How and why you are getting it is a bit odd, but that is what I see.

    I dont have the hivewire horse, but this is what I am seeing.
    Note, translate z on the abdomen. that or one of the other centers, is borked....


  • So all the translations are messed up when I apply a pose? These are poses I've used for years.

  • I'm not 100 percent sure what is messed up. What version of Poser (and service pack) are you running.
    You may have found an oddity, etc.

    Do the body parts in question have translations applied to them?

  • Correcting this may be as simple as creating a pose that resets body part translations.

    Similar to the hand fixes that went around years ago for the offset issues in fingers.

  • No no translations. Poser 11. The latest service pack.

    This so sucks, I live for animating! You know I did several movies in Poser with 5 horses and this started right after. Could I have over taxed something? I reinstalled Poser and Window but kept my personal files.

  • Did this problem crop up after installing the newest service pack?

  • It could be an offset issue as well, but that is a bit hard to tell without the horse.....

  • Can you post one of the poses, and a picture of what it does to it?

  • Not sure when I got the last update, I think Poser updates whenever there's a release.

  • Here's on of my animations:

    That's the one I applied to Mil Horse yesterday and got the limo effect. I was working on some animations for Hivewire3d shetland pony when things got weird.

  • Do you have any still poses that do this? Or is it just animations that do so?

  • Still poses seems to work okay.