download manger

  • i can never locate it where is it ??

  • Do you need to download it or you can't find it on your computer?

    If you need to download it.

    Go to the Smith Micro store Poser updates page, choose your version of Poser from the list on the right hand side, click the Get Download Manager button which will add it to you basket, log in and check out.

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    Yes , get the download manager there.
    Log in with your serial number, and you will automatically see the update to SR7.
    Have fun using the Poser tools.

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    Did you not download the DLM installer when you bought P11?

    Look in the folder where you saved the stuff you downloaded, and run the DLM installer. If not, then download it per @adi's link.

    Or is it installed but whereabouts unknown? If so, look in *C:\Program Files (x86)\Smith Micro\Download Manager* and within that folder, select the executable (icon is a blue ball with a white arrow), right-click, then select send to... desktop (create shortcut).


    If you bought P11Pro, and you have some other computers to use as render slaves ("remotes"), then you should also install DLM on each remote, and enter the Queue Manager serial (~not~ the Poser Pro serial).
    Run DLM, download Queue Manager, and install Queue Manager on each available remote.