Does CSP use layer comps?

  • In Moho and Photoshop you'll find the layer comp option. A very useful feature when delivering different versions of artwork. I dont find this in CSP, though and wonder ...

    (1) if I have missed something in the interface, or
    (2) there might be another way arround people use

    Kind regards, Mikael

  • Nothing like that in CSP. You could create a single copy of visible layers which would give you a flattened copy of what you have visible on the canvas at the time. Switch layer visibility and create new copies as needed.

  • @garlam
    Thanks :) Making flattened copy (much like select ctrl/cmd-shift-c and paste --> new layer in PS) is helpful. But I must send "layer comping" as a request for future updates to the development team. If any one know of a direct, well-surveillanced url to address CSP feature request I'll be very happy to know!
    Kind regards, Mikael

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