New feature of 1.6.7 not impressive. Please try it.

  • Hi there

    This is a new feature of 1.6.7 for vector editing:

    [Add control point and correct] and [Smoothening range] have been added to [Tool Property] of the [Correct line width] tool. By adding control points, line width can be changed smoothly. The range of line width smoothening can also be edited in [Smoothening range].

    Here it produces faulty and worse results than before.

    Lines become thinner in all options and beginning and ending is more visible.


  • Smoothing cant be turn off completely. It cant be lower than 20%

  • The feature has been added because when a vectorline has very few point, the editing of its characteristics become crude.

    Here is how I have delt with this issue before.

    1. Make a copy of the Pinch Tool and name it Add points.
    2. Set Fix both ends.
    3. Right click on Pinch level and select Scale
    4. Check Add points
    5. Activate the "Eye" on Pinch level and Effect range
    6. Register all settings

    I use the mouse for this tool, because I can then click on a line without moving it. The pen is more likely to move the line.

    A setting of 50% in pinch level about doubles the amount of points.
    A setting of 33% in pinch level about triples the amount of points.

    The Effect range is the size of the brush.