Tell me your desires: Blobs, particles, fluids, flames (but not flame wars:)

  • No arguing or fighting at all @eclark1849 :)
    I understand it's a feature not everyone wants, to be honest the same could be said at one time or another about the race room, the hair room, cloth room, even Superfly! Make it a Pro feature if needs be.
    Having a particle/liquid option inside Poser is very appealing, and not just for animation. Even if it just meant somehow aquiring Metaform and updating it for the current Python, that would be a start.
    (and yes, Portals and instancing would be nice!)

  • @raven Again, not trying to argue, BUT couldn't you have modeled the horse using Primitives and the grouping tool?

  • I would much rather see a particle system (which could handle flames, fluids, ect) and a much more robust cloth simulation that would work for legacy content as well as new. If you could somehow combine that with a in-program compositor it would make Poser even more valuable.

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    If we was to get metaballs I would primarly use it for rock terrains and nature stuff. Vue has some really nice things going in that area. With the right shaders one can get some nice realistic rock formations out of it.

  • @Ghostman And again, I would argue that it is something you could currently do using primitives and the Morph Brush.

  • @eclark1849 not trying to argue at all, but nowhere did I say I wanted metaballs to build a horse :)

  • @raven Just using the image pictured above. Look all I'm saying is that to me, at least, it seems you can currently do most if not all of what you want metaballs for with primitives and the grouping tool and or the morph brush. Am I wrong? What am I missing?

  • I don't know a thing about metaballs but I've always wanted fluid and particle simulations in Poser. :(

  • @eclark1849 Ok, for an example. Imagine a figure in a bath, using metaballs natively in Poser you could animate the bath filling with water (like in my .gif above). How time consuming would that be with primitives and morph brushing.
    Check out the anim gallery at Weirdjuice to see how tricky some of them (especially the 'Gush' one) would be using just primitives and the morph brush. I grant you, Seach has done great animated water which which rivals the 'Crater Pool2' anim but that's the sort of things I mean.

  • Particles would be great and with all the bells and whistles that comes with that: fountains, fireworks, clouds of butterflies and so on. Fluids sounds also great.

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  • The thing with metaballs is animation.

    You can model metaballs in something else that's a modelling tool, and then have a static object imported into Poser. That's fantastic.

    But you can't animate that. The only way to animate an object modelled with metaballs is to have the metaballs in Poser.

    So say that I want to animate a snow landscape where steps are appearing in the snow; easily done with metaballs; but then I can't have these metaballs in Blender and then export the different meshes as morph.

    Say that I want to animate an avalanche in 500 frames using Metaballs. I'm not going to build 500 obj in Blender and then import 500 objects in my animation.

    Say that I want to animate a cloud using metaballs; same thing.

    I think that even a simple implementation of metaballs, without textures, with only positive and negative spheres (and maybe a metacube) enables an animator to do very interesting things in an animation. I understand limited bandwidth for deveopment (I'm a lead programmer at IBM), but I think a simple implementation can be accomplished without excessive spending, for the reason that the algorithms are well known.

    So I argue to not have anything fancy and expensive, but direct and straightforward.

    Now, while I appreciate people having their own opinion of why they don't use some feature, I also have my opinions of why I don't find ray tracing or Cycles of any utility to me. Yet I don't go around arguing with everybody that poser should not develop ray tracing or Cycles any more.

    So anyone that thinks that metaballs are useless, please tell me how I make a 500 frames avalanche in Poser without Metaballs, or else please respect my opinion that metaballs are an indispensable animation tool.

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    Particles please. Since forever I wish this for Poser :)

  • Agree with @eclark1849 regarding the instancing and light portals and I would add Cycles Tone mapping and physical camera with ISO settings etc this would be very helpful as well

    Regarding the particles and metablobs etc if its possible then add it as well

    Hope this helps

    Thanks, Jura

  • About particles, flames and fluids, these would be nice to me if easy to use. I find controlling any of these effects quite bewildering, as I never manage them to do what I want in Blender.

    So I guess that a more experienced person will find them more interesting.

    Now, an existing effect that is very much in my desires is Soft Body. Current soft body implementation in Poser is rather pitiful; I can't use it for the reason it's too sensitive and it deforms the object even without any movement.

    Let me give an example: blank document, add a ball, open Bullet window, New Simulation, Objects / add cylinder under Soft Dynamics, click in "Live simulation"; the ball immediately collapses into the ground. Then you want to stop it from collapsing - add some internal pressure, say 1; now you have half a ball squashed into the ground - that's not what I wanted.. I wanted a ball that would squish around as it's moves, but that still has the shape of a ball after it stops moving; and if that was a mesh with any detail, adding 1 of internal pressure will completely erase all details.

    Also, even if I set gravity = 0, the ball will still fall to the ground, and keep moving around on its own.

    So, what I desire for soft body is something akin to cartoon effects, where the object deforms during movement but gets back to its original shape after it stops. I don't need a tomato being scientifically squashed into the ground, I'm not in tomato squashing business... I want a tomato that says "ya-ba-la-ba-dooooooo!"... runs left.. and then the top deforms right to give an exaggerated sense of movement, and when it stops the top deforms left to exaggerate the sense of sudden stopping, and then the top gts back to where it was.


  • @raven Okay, but I have to agree with Bopper. particles and Fluid sims would do that as well and better.

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    @eclark1849 said in Tell me your desires: Blobs, particles, fluids, flames (but not flame wars:):

    @raven Okay, but I have to agree with Bopper. particles and Fluid sims would do that as well and better.

    I think you misunderstand. The particles move around, but it's metaballs that merge them into a watery surface instead of a bajillion individual spherical water drops.

    There are other water simulation systems, but particles + metablobs moved around BY those particles is how you get reasonable fast approximations to liquids or gels or pastes.

    Search for you tube videos with metaball fluid - you'll see.

  • @fbs7 I'm not arguing against anything. My argument is that you can do it now with a little creativity in Poser. And adding Particles and fluid and smoke sims instead would still give you most if not all you're asking for. So if it comes down to a vote, sorry, I vote for Particles and Fluids sims.

  • @fbs7 said in Tell me your desires: Blobs, particles, fluids, flames (but not flame wars:):

    About particles, flames and fluids, these would be nice to me if easy to use.

    This. Instancing is a priority though and if we have to choose between them I'd still prefer instancing, much more useful.

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  • Well slightly OT, but since "eClark 1849" mentioned it briefly in post above:

    I'd trade all "meatballs", particles, fluids and whatever for an instancing system!

    and @@ fbs7, your avalanche would look rather boring without hundreds of instanced trees overrun by that avalanche...

    Just sayin':
    How often do you folks render a figure in a filling up bathtub, or an avalanche?
    OTOH, how often do you render scenes where instancing would be a heavenly feature to free sorely needed RAM? (don't overlook the forest for the trees, or imagine a bar scene with hundreds of glasses and bottles in the cupboard)

    This metaballs discussion reminds me of the hype about Bullet physics a few years ago. Some yelled for it, and they got it. Now, how often is that feature actually used today? Show me some examples!

    Sorry, I don't want to sound rude, but why not being a bit more realistic and down-to-earth?
    Focus on things that are really helpful in our everyday work. Instead of wishing for eclectic features that only a tiny fraction of Poser users actually will use, add some useful things to go on pars with the competition.
    DAZ already has instancing AFAIK.
    Poor "obsolete" Poser still needs hundreds of separate props for a simple forest scene!
    For instance...


    And while I'm OT anyway, "Please pretty please with cherry on top":
    Add a simple flag to each actor in a Pz3, pz2, and pp2 file "collapsed 1" like you have in the groups already, which will tell Poser to open the hierachy editor without every button or the hundreds of body parts in a hose UNCOLLAPSED over and over again, making the hierarchy list in big scenes miles long!