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  • @eclark1849
    I have content purchases going as far back as 1994-1995. Back around those days I backed up to CD. Then to DVD. Now to thumb or portable hard drives.

    Thing is, those CDs and DVDs from way back are now losing data, it's hit or miss as to which ones will work after all this time. On the other hand, I can download all of my DAZ purchases going back to almost back as far as that (I think it goes back to 2000 or thereabouts).

    So yeah, you can back up, but eventually you have to start backing up your backups. 8-)

  • @Deecey I buy new drives. It was harder at first because they were so expensive. Those damn 1 meg floppy disks filled up quick. But Thumb drives are pretty damn cheap these days, and huge.

  • @eclark1849 My first 100 meg hard drive cost me almost $150 bucks. I just bought two thumb drives last week that had 16 gigs on them for 7 bucks each.

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    @Deecey I use since more than 10 years Portable HD. Works way better than DVD. You can always reorganize the files , which is really handy :)

  • @Glitterati3D

    Thanks for the questions! We can only release so much information at a time, which I'm sure everyone here can understand. The current changes to CP do not require changes to existing products available on the site. As a continuous effort we do recommend that any of our sellers review their products regularly, that way it's ensure they are updated and the promotions associated are quality renders and highlight their full potential.

  • @anniespewak Annie, I want to thank you guys for making an effort to improve CP. If we have any suggestions on how to better improve things, is there an email address we can write to? Also, I avoid both Twitter and Facebook on sheer principle alone, so if you guys are having sales, or discount coupons, please consider making such announcements here in your underused forum.

  • @eclark1849 Sure thing! We're really excited to continue improving CP and our products. As for an email address, we do not currently have a suggestions inbox made. I can put in a request so we can have one made over the next few days. Once I get that made, I'll post it here.

  • @anniespewak I do have one other suggestion. How about we add a CP forum here so anything regarding CP that we should know about won't get lost in the clutter. Maybe we can post renders using products we buy from CP, contests, etc. I've always thought that if you want more customers to use your products, you need to display them in the best light possible.

  • Thank you for this! Thank you!!!

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    @eclark1849 Support your idea. Great.

  • It's live. It does look better.

  • @raven To be honest, I'm still rather disappointed. They still have that stupid download fee in place. The mouse hovering of the product photos need to go. They need to do that when the Thumbnails were so small before, but now it's just ... more annoying than it was in the first place. And they need to get the vendors to resubmit new promo pics for the larger product pages. Stat! and new descriptions of what you're paying for. I'd suggest taking a lesson from DAZ on that. Look at this description. Who can read that?!!0_1505474864216_shop.png

  • They should have tested this out with some previous customers first.

  • @eclark1849 said in New Content Paradise Coming Soon!:

    @ghostship I don't like the download fee either, but as I told someone earlier, learn to back up. I back up everything I buy, even at DAZ, Hivewire and Rendo. It's a mistake to depend on them always being there. Look at RDNA or YURdigital.

    Backups are great and everyone should do that more often. (Not only for Poser and 3d-related stuff, but for everything.)

    However, "competition" in any market should always be more than just "price." Customer service and quality of service count for a great deal. So, as far as using merchant accounts as "storage", being able to count on them if all else fails, like some magical cloud-drive, it has become a "standard service." It's no longer really arguable about whether or not its necessary nor whether or not it should be paid for in regards to normal "content" re-orders - It's already a fairly standard practice and, thus, is part of the potential customer's quality concerns.

    That means that if you don't have it, then you'll be seen as having an inferior service, no matter if the customer ever uses that feature or not.

    Years ago, banks used to issue ATM cards that didn't have very many fraud protections with them and which made obtaining refunds from fraudulent use very problematic. Sometimes, there would be limits placed on such things, as if a criminal wouldn't steal all they could...

    Today, it's a standard practice that ATM cards have many of the same protections that a credit-card would. Also, those protections are tied to the account so that all "fraudulent" transactions inflicted upon the customer are, more or less, covered. At least much more than they were. And, it doesn't matter if you would ever make use of it or not - IF the bank you're reviewing doesn't have that policy, it's going to be seen as being deficient in its customer service options.

  • Gosh, folks, come on!!!!!!!!! Yeah, there's things that still need to be done, but they are listening to us. Give them some credit for that much, no?

    Yeah, there are more changes I want to see, but I'm happy to see ANY changes at this point and made that clear by making a purchase of Ladonna's new product this morning.

    Postive - can we think positive for a change? Or at least not so danged negative and mean spirited ALL the time?

  • @Glitterati3D I have to agree Traci, as I'm not totally unhappy with the new store, and yes they are listening to us, so hopefully we'll see more changes/updates in the near future.

    I can remember updates made to RDNA and DAZ over the years which weren't 100% favorable, but at least they got there eventually. Take it from someone who's done web design for years, sometimes what you think is a simple fix, isn't all that easy, and takes time to implement.

  • @anniespewak If I can make a suggestion, I think we need the Advanced Search text link directly under the Search box on the front/main page of the CP store. Someone on the HiveWire forum mentioned it, and I had to ask where it was, because it's not obvious.

    I think adding it to the front/main page will make it a lot easier, and quicker, for folks to find what they're looking for in the CP store.

  • @Miss-B With due respect to you ladies, I don't feel I was speaking negatively. However, I will say that so far, at least as far as i can tell, the makeover has been purely cosmetic. However, as it is the first day, and more changes have been promised, I am more than willing to take a wait and see attitude. I believe that's fair.

  • @eclark1849 More than fair Earl, as I believe we're all going to wait and see what other upgrades/fixes are done. It can't all be done at one time when it's a major makeover. We can only hope for the best.

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    @Glitterati3D Tracy I agree. I logged out yesterday evening here because all I could see was negativity. This is discouraging.
    All what you read here is just bitching around. Changes does not come over night. It needs.
    And than people wonder why Poser get abandoned from vendors. Between constructive critic and hurtful comments is a difference.

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