Fresh Brushes

  • Greetings fellow inky people.
    My name is Yogg, I have emerged from the great murk to bring glad tidings for CSP users.

    0_1504973112392_Yogg Face xsm.png

    I am hoping it is appropriate and welcome that I share a bounty of CSP brushes and tools.
    These brushes not just one off tricks, they are lovingly created and as intuitive as natural media.

    There are a lot of painterly brushes and tools for fast concept work.... Create fine sharp detail and blend large areas with the same brush and without even changing size.
    They have been carefully categorised and labelled for ease of use and clear organisation.
    Have a look first , there are many useful tools, my favourite being the RANGE brush.

    This image was created with the Range brush only without changing any properties, not even the size of the brush.


    There are inks, washes, paints. sponges, dry , wet , dusty , violent , tranquil , wobbly, precise , expressive, restrained.... it's a bounty for artists which takes full advantage of stylus capabilities, especially pressure ( used in some surprising but useful ways , tilt and even rotation and direction.
    Watch the videos on the website and see them in use.

    Please let me know what you think and make any requests for more categories or brushes.

  • I like your workspace. Have you uploaded that?

  • @laura.seabrook
    Hi Laura, thanks, no I haven't but I can if you like, is that the 'upload workspace' feature in the new version? I haven't been able to download it yet.
    It has been failing in every browser.
    CSP has a great UI I really like how you can individualise the properties for each brush so only the useful features for that particular tool are visible.
    I've been very aware of that when creating my brush libraries at so that the user can modify those channels and not have to go digging for the stuff that really matters or have irrelevant channels exposed in the properties.
    So my workspace is nice to work with but not as good as the tools.

    Which I see you bought!
    I would love to hear feedback, I will take your opinions very seriously.
    These tools are meant to be useful.
    If you think I should put more basic inks or era or whatever, let me know... I will find time to add them , of course all customers get free updates.

  • Yes, that's the idea. It downloaded for me on first go, but I've yet to install it - too much else on at the moment.

    I bought your brushes yesterday. I like to have a selection, and they look good for cartooning.

  • Hello,
    I bought the brush and am very happy.
    @yogg Thank you