Rotate Brush Tip By Smaller Increments Using Shortcut Keys?

  • Hi there, I've been searching around the net for an answer to my question but haven't been able to find anything yet so I was hoping you good folks might be able to help.

    I have bound some shortcut keys to rotate brush tip (Rotate Counterclockwise and Rotate Clockwise) under the Shortcut Settings dialog and this work well until I start to need a bit more precision. I've found that the rotate occurs in increments of 15 degrees and have yet to find out how to rotate in smaller increments using shortcut keys. Of course I realise I could just set the rotation directly via the "Direction" slider in the brush Tool property palette but this isn't quite as quick as being able to do it via hotkeys.

    Does anyone know how to rotate brush tip by increments smaller than 15 degrees using shortcut keys please?

    Thanks in advance.