Just some Geomertic Toon Line comparisons

  • Just playing around, trying to see what kind of lighting works with the Poser Pro 11 Geometric Toon Line feature. Figure generated using Blender3D with ManuelBastioniLabs add-on, processed in Shade3D for Poser Pro 11 rigging compatibility, rigged and weight-painted in Poser Pro 11. The Superfly render is at top left.


  • Wait-wait-wait... what did you say? You have a pipeline to transfer rigged figures from Blender to Poser? That's brilliant!

    Which version of Shade 3D does it need for that? I read the basic is $80, standard is $350 and pro $650.

    Now for the kicker, if I can export a rigged toon from Shade 3D to PP, then can I import a PP scene into Shade 3D? If so, is Shade 3D any good for animations?

    Thanks for the toon line comparison btw; that's very nice.

  • @fbs7 re-read the post: it says rigged and weight painted in PP11

  • Oh, I got excited with the "rigging compatibility" thing in shade 3d. I read in Shade 3D ad that it has "PoserFusion 2 (pz3, pzz Import)" so I assumed that meant it.

    Oh, I got excited with the "processed for Poser Pro 11 rigging compatibility", and the I read that Shade 3D claims it can do "PoserFusion 2 (pz3, pzz Import)", so I thought that meant rigging.

    So that means mesh only, right? Just like a plain old OBJ?