Geometry normals and Cloth Room Sim

  • I begin to think that geometry with face normals not properly unified and facing in same direction, cause some issues in cloth room dynamic simulations. Get strange results.

  • Poser Ambassadors

    Yes, inconsistent/inappropriate normals -in either the cloth or the collision object- can cause weird dynamic cloth behavior.

  • It appears that collisions either in the cloth room of with the fitting morph brushed, Poser focuses on the front of the normal. It will actually try to push clothing into the collision object if the normals are facing the wrong way.

    I've wondered if this feature (or idiosyncrasy) could be used to have dynamic cloth be cinched by a conforming belt with normals facing in. I haven't had much time to experiment with it yet. The space between everything would be crucial.

  • Not exactly the cloth room in Poser, but over in this thread Ways to tuck in a shirt at Rendo in the VWD forum, erik-nl started playing around using inverted normals to tuck items into other items. So there may be some merit to using normals that way in the cloth room.