Preview Window and Loss of detail when zooming out

  • Hi I hate bother people with this but I did a search and didn't find anything. When in the Pose/Preview Window I notice a loss of detail when zooming out. Detail around the eyes and mouth etc.... Is there a setting that changes the distance at which "Detail Loss" starts? Thanks

  • @ppparis I'm not trying to be a smartass, but, isn't that what normally happens? I thought the whole point of Zooming in was to see things clearer, i.e. more detail. Zooming out means you're backing away from the subject and you lose detail. Now you could focus the cameras, maybe that's what you mean? and yes there is a dial for that.

  • Okay, needed to check what i was telling you was true. You can change the focus by adjusting the focal length of the camera or adjusting the depth of field.

    • Focal: The Focal parameter dial sets the camera’s
    focal length. Smaller numbers give wider angles
    and will add more stretching and distortion as they
    decrease. Larger numbers give results like telephoto
    lenses, and result in less distorted but flatter images.
    • Perspective: The Perspective parameter shifts the
    current camera’s perspective without changing
    the camera’s location. This can give the illusion that
    the camera is farther or nearer to objects in your
    scene. The Perspective setting is hidden, because it is
    interconnected with the Focal setting. If you adjust the
    Perspective dial, you will see a change in the Focal
    • Depth of Field: Widening the lens aperture of the
    camera allows you to achieve a Depth of Field effect.
    The farther away items are from the focal plane, the
    more blurred they will appear. Depth of Field can be
    individually configured for each camera.
    ƒƒ Focus Distance: The focus distance dial controls
    the cross hair so that you can position the focus.

  • @eclark1849 Hi and Thanks for the reply.
    What I'm referring to is literally the eyelids disappearing and teeth sticking out of the lips. Most programs will "Degrade" the model as you pull away to reduce the Render load as more Items come into view...but this is hideous. I'm sure its just a setting I haven't found yet.

  • @ppparis Out of curiosity what mode is your Preview set to, Sreed or Open GL? You'll find this under the Display menu near the bottom.

  • @eclark1849 opengl....never thought of changing that LOL!

    That helped TREMENDOUSLY! ScreeD Works a lot better

    Thanks....Now on to making a mess of everything else!..Thanks again

  • @ppparis Glad I could help.