Transparency of Rendered Background

  • How do I make the background in a Poser 11 Pro file transparent so that the animated character only is seen (includes voice animation)? (No color background and no background picture.) It must be able to be rendered this way so that the renedered file can be imported into Adobe Premiere and placed on a video track in front of a spearately selected background. Any direction on this would be greatly appreciated. I understand that it may be something obvious that I am just not seeing. Thanks

  • First you need to render to frames when you make your movie. Choose a format such as TIFF that will create an Alpha channel in each frame. You will need to import all the frames and let Premiere combine them together. There should be an option to tell Premiere how much time each frame should last (normally 1/30 of a second).

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    @heron As @richard60 advised, render the animation as image files (not an AVI, etc), with the file type having alpha (PNG or TIFF). Compose them in Premiere.

    To render a doll in Superfly on a transparent background, apply this material to both material zones of the "construct" (skydome/ground prop):
    0_1505270647397_background material for raster.PNG
    That will render the doll as a raster object on a transparent background, assuming you chose PNG or TIFF.

    Here's where the holdout node is found in the menu:
    0_1505270902740_holdout node in menu.png

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    Superfly, raster object on transparent background:
    0_1505278020256_Sylfie Superfly raster.png