Ability to arrange multiple 3d-poses on the same layer fails

  • A very clever feature in CSP is the ability to arrange multiple 3d-poses on the same layer just by dragging 3d-objects on the scene thus making the camera universal.

    But I can't comprehend why some -- and just some -- poses are not accepted on the same layer, but is stacked in a new layer instead.

    "Some" 3d-poses rejects any new from the "Material" panel -- in this case pose versions I've saved myself. Even though I have made several others, that actually did work, I simply cannot figure out, what the problem is. I had an idea that it had to do with different viewpoints or perspective, but nothing seems so, and any specific connection or conflicting parameters failed me yet.

    Please: Does any here have a clue what might be the issue?
    Kind regards, Mikael

    0_1505409135210_Skærmbillede 2017-09-14 kl. 19.11.56.png

  • Hello Mikael
    I guess the troubled 3d-poses was initially created by dragging the layers (with the 3d-poses) to the Material Panel. Then, afterwards you dragged the item to the scene/layer which was rejected producing a new layer. You probably did this over and over again hoping for a alternative result. Probably you left it, posted a question in this forum and went for a good nights sleep. Probably -- out of bed -- you're wiser now.

    The aforementioned procedure works fine, but you will -- of some reason (!?) -- not be able to add more objects to the same layer afterwards. Instead you must register any new poses in the "Material property" window. Else the multiple "3d-poses on same layer trick" will fail you profoundly ;)
    Kind regards, M.