Pauline and G3F: Adventures in Shrink Wrapping

  • Today I used @shvrdavid's shrink wrapping technique ( to transfer the G3F torso and legs to Pauline using the G3F figure exported from DS as an obj. I left the head, legs, and feet alone. I also used assorted head morphs to copy the face, and I now have a V3F clone with a DAZ-like head, and one with Pauline's original head. The skin is Tempesta3D's Elly. The surprising thing to me was it didn't change Pauline much at all! It's like the Star Trek episode:

    SPOCK: Of course. Your computations would inevitably lead to a total description of the parabolic intersection of dimension with dimension.
    ALICE 27: Mister Spock, you have a remarkably logical and analytical mind.
    SPOCK: Thank you.
    (He attempts a neck pinch on Alice 210.)
    ALICE 210: Is there some significance to this action?
    SPOCK: I love you. However, I hate you.
    ALICE 210: But I'm identical in every way with Alice Twenty Seven.
    SPOCK: Yes, of course. That is exactly why I hate you. Because you are identical.
    (They go out of action.)
    SPOCK: Fascinating.

    0_1464035911870_Pauline G3F Shrink Wrapping.jpg

    0_1464035927482_Pauline G3F Profile.jpg

    0_1464035937891_Pauline G3F.jpg

  • The body came out nice, but I just can't get past that default face. I swear it's worse to me than Alyson 2's.

  • I should have said I left the head, arms, and feet alone, and truth be told, I now remember a scaled the arms a bit shorter. Otherwise, I scaled the legs a bit longer. Initial poke through showed the "major" differences to be that the thighs and calves were somewhat rounder, the check bottoms were a bit rounder, and the underside of the greats were a bit rounder. The torso tightened a bit.

  • @RobZhena 0_1464366932766_Pauline G3F 2.jpg

    I finally shrink-wrapped the head, and she looks good. No postwar on this image.

  • @RobZhena Very nice improvement over default Pauline! Good stuff.

  • I would like to post my first freebie--a full body morph obj of shrink-wrapped Pauline. As I recall, Vilters distributed Tauline that way. The FBM does not carry over the scaling, so Pauline does not resemble the model gal until the user dials in the proper scaling of body parts. Would I be on safe legal ground?

  • If I understand the legalize, I can distribute a CR2 instead, which will capture the scaling. Per the EULA:

    • “Vendor Resource” means content that is included with or part of the Program that is specifically identified in the Documentation or listed in this EULA as a Vendor Resource. The following figures, their figure geometries and their associated textures are Vendor Resources:
      Pauline Casual
      Paul Casual

    Vendor Resources may be used to create derivative works based on the Figure files, geometry or texture maps. In addition to the rights granted for Restricted Content you may use Vendor Resources for the following:

    Create and distribute derivative figures and figure clothing based on the geometry and character files.

    Create and distribute textures maps based on the figure’s texture maps.

    Create modified of improved character files for the figures.

    Export the modified or derivative figures for inclusion in game engines.

    You may not:

    Distribute the unmodified character files, geometry or textures.

    Repackage the unmodified Vendor Resources for use in software other than the Program.

    Derivative works created with Vendor Resources become the property of the author. Ownership of the actual Vendor Resource remains with the Company.

  • @RobZhena
    For legality from Smith Micro side I leave the floor to Nerd to confirm your reading is right.
    I think your main source of legal issues would be DAZ.
    You said you have been shrink-wrapping Genesis 3, which means you used their flagship product as a mould to create what basically would be a competing product. They may not be amused.
    Not sure what would happen even if you distributed a morph-shape for Pauline which, by sheer co-incidence and totally un-intended, would appear to be compatible with items made for the Genesis3Female.

  • Yeah. I rebuilt the figure using only Pauline morphs and left enough obvious differences that DAZ can never claim it's a copy. Thanks for you reply @F_Verbaas.

  • @RobZhena Admitting it on an open forum may not be the smartest move to make, though.

  • As I say, there are sufficient differences that it is not a copy.

  • I will say this, I'm still not in love with her face. I'm attributing that to the fact that for some reason, Poser figures really have sub-par skins. Obviously, that's my personal opinion, but I think a little more effort needs to go into making Poser skins in general.

  • @RobZhena Not a lawyer, but to a layman it seems that Daz would have a reasonable argument that your use is not Fair Use. Think of how you're going to reply to the plaintiff's attorney who asks: so if it's not really a copy, then why did you go through the drill? I could foresee a desist letter. On the other hand Daz may figure out that they're actually not Disney and have better uses for the few hundred dollars for an hour of lawyer time.

    Then there's the ethical question (using someone else's work without compensation or permission). I've been debating a similar case with my Jiminy Cricket (so sue me, Walt) and come to the personal decision that it just ain't. YMMV.

  • Poser Ambassadors

    I am weary of commenting, but thought it might be prudent here.

    I hate Daz3D, everyone knows this (few know the real reasons why - out of respect for what Nerd3D and Smith Micro are trying to do here I will not post them openly here).

    That being said - I would have to generally agree F_Verbass and CuiBono in terms of legal standing. While there may be significant differences - the last Daz3D Eula I read from a product of theirs I had purchased, which was in 2012 granted, specifically forbid shrink wrapping or similar methods for use as creating competing products. Worse, there is now this thread, which likely Daz3d's little spies have already made them aware of in the event you make your product public, where you admit to using Daz's product.

    Personally, do I think you could prevail in such a legal claim? That depends, how deep are your pockets for a good attorney and motions and counter motions? I would love to see more morphs available for Poser's base figures, and I will admit, given how often Daz3D has stuck it too others, I like the idea of someone sticking it to them.

    Keep in mind, Daz3D loves to try to throw it's weight around. They love to send C&D and take down letters. So, be prepared for this possibility if you do proceed.

  • Sigh. All from a fun little project.

  • Poser Ambassadors

    @RobZhena I wouldn't necessarily lose heart yet. You could always contact someone at Daz3D and get an official statement/position on this - who knows, they may say it's ok (stranger things have happened), or give you some steps on how to make it ok. If they do, I urge you to keep a copy of that though, for future reference if needed.

  • @RobZhena Sympathize. But maybe it's just God's way of saying: so learn to sculpt already! The means of production have never been cheaper or easier to use.

  • I have been watching this thread and thought I would should post this here.
    Here is a morph I made, and it resembles Victoria 7.
    Somewhat anyway, lol.
    alt text
    This is one of the first morphs I made for Victoria 3, and that was long before Victoria 4 was even made..
    When it comes to making figure morphs, sooner or later there will be some that resemble others.

  • @shvrdavid There's a similar thread to this over at Hivewire. I posted pretty much the same thought there. You can sculpt or manually manip the verts into any shape you want. Even if you came up with what looks like an exact duplicate of V7, it would still be an original work. As for the shape, DAZ can't copyright the shape of the human body.

  • @eclark1849 As for the shape, DAZ can't copyright the shape of the human body.

    That's not 100% correct all the time thou. They can't copyright it, but in some cases it can be trademarked.

    If Victoria 7 is a digital scan of a real person, (not saying it is thou) it could fall under Personality Rights, and can be trademarked. Similar to the Digital Clone Anna Goddard set for Victoria 3, any unlicensed likeness of it could be a violation of that trademark.

    Yeah, were splitting hairs here, but trademarks can be upheld in that case.