Pauline and G3F: Adventures in Shrink Wrapping

  • @shvrdavid It would have to be something very specific to a particular person though, like a smile, or the likeness of a person. In general, the shape of the human body isn't specific to any one person. Add to that the fact that V7 is basically just a morph. That said though you CAN trademark a particular style, like a toon, or anime style. For example, let's say DAZ put out a G3 morph in the shape of Jessica Rabbit. The producers of Who Framed Roger Rabbit might be able to convince a jury that that morph was an infringement on their copyright. The problem is, Jessica Rabbit, herself, is a blatant infringement of the actress Mae West's style and likeness.

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    Shrinkwrapping has killed more figures and clothing then all other tools combined.

    When taking a look at how some release clothing?
    => My fist comment always is : Hey why did you not simply paint the clothing on the figures texture?
    => That is NOT how clothing behaves. (Certainly between the breasts.)
    It is unbelievable what some try to shrinkwrap...... and sell.

    Sure, shrinkwrapping has its use, but we see it more in "abuse" then "use".

  • @vilters I don't think shrinkwrapping is anymore of a figure killer than using a pattern to create clothes or buying a bolt of cloth rather than going out and making the cloth yourself. Is it a short cut? Sure. For that matter, so is Cross Dresser, Wardrobe Wizard and Poser's Fitting Room.

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    Oh yes it is. Shrinkwrapping gives you far less control. It shrinkwraps mostly where it is not needed. :-)

    The other tools give you far more control over the flow of the mesh.
    And the fitting room has more then enough tools to "counter" the shrinkwrapping in places where it is not needed. LOL.

  • @vilters Well, again, I disagree. Shrinkwrapping is just a tool. For example, I'm using it right now to shape one mesh around another. But in the end I still have to go in and clean it up and refine it. All I did as to give it a rough shape as a starting point. I don't think there's anything wrong with that anymore than using a "canned" pose as a starting point for getting the final pose you want.

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    That is the freedom of a forum Earl.
    Everybody can have his/her own opinion.

    When I look at what is often being sold? ( Talking in general here )
    => All I can often say is ; "Shrinkwrap abused" because real life clothing does not behave like that.. LOL.

  • I am please to introduce Paulette for Pauline, which I plan to post to the Rendo freebies this weekend. She is 100 percent Pauline, designed using her built-in morphs and those from Lyrra's Pauline Plus. I am deeply grateful to @Glitterati3D, who tested Paulette, identified problems, and taught this neophyte how to edit a CR2 so that a full body morph was set to 1 when placed in the scene. Any remaining problems with the character are my fault alone. Paulette's CR2 requires the Pauline obj and base texture, so you must own a variant of Poser 11.

    Rather than cross-post, here is a link to the information at Hivewire3D: Introducing Paulette Freebie.

    This is a Superbly render of Paulette.

    0_1465642042178_Paulette Zeroed Superfly.jpg

  • And this shows Paulette is 100 percent Pauline and has nothing to do with G3F other than drawing on the same comic book heroine proportions of generations of comic artists.
    0_1465642184756_Paulette G3F Comparison Superfly.jpg

  • Paulette


  • @Glitterati3D

    Sweet! Thank you!

  • I'm quite new to all this, so apologies if I'm asking a standard noob question, but the discussion here made me curious: would it make sense for someone to create clones for Pauline of Daz characters like V4 and V7 and sell them through DAZ? There are vendors there doing clones for different Daz characters, so I would think they would be open to it.

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    • Clones are DS-specific tech and Pauline isn't DS-compatible.
    • What you call "V4/V6 clothing compatible," DAZ calls "infringement of figure rigging intellectual property, in violation of the figure's EULA". Clothing can reverse engineer that rigging, but figures cannot.
    • Existing clone products are permitted because the donor and target figures are already bundled with DS (i.e., the rigging isn't leaving the ecosystem). Literally the only exception here is the V4->Genesis clone built into DS and that's to keep legacy content inside DS.

  • @duanemoody You got me wondering about the legality of dolls that can wear Barbie clothes, and the answer seems to be that if there's a slight variation, it's legit. At least, that's how I interpret the existence of sites that share doll-fitting info like

    But googling that, I saw Mattel and MGA had a horribly long legal battle. One of the things I like least about copyright is that often it's used to squelch legitimate competition—people who can't afford to fight have to give up, even if everyone knows they're in the right. If Daz3d is determined to create a closed shop, they probably wouldn't approve clones by other creators and would throw lawyers at anyone who tried to sell one.

  • @willshetterly said in Pauline and G3F: Adventures in Shrink Wrapping:

    ...would it make sense for someone to create clones for Pauline of Daz characters like V4 and V7 and sell them through DAZ?

    From that extract of the Eula, 'cloning' Paul and Pauline seems perfectly legal, though I'm not a legal expert and I don't foresee much demand anyway.

    I think there would be more demand for other figures, for example: Blackhearted's Anastasia, but that would not be legal.

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    Creativity, Artists, Innovation, NEW => all go out the door with Shrinkwrapping.
    Want to be "creative", want to be an artist? Really?

    I created 2 treads here with video tutorials with procedures on how to improve ALL figures meshes in multiple forums and as of this morning they got over 600 views.

    Of those over >600 views, only 93 actually opened video 1
    Of those over >600 views, only 138 actually opened video 2

    I really expected the number of "views" and the number of video openings to be more in balance because as I mentioned in the treads and video's : These procedures can be used on ALL meshes used in Poser. From the Poser1 figures up to and including V4 trough Miki4 and the Genesis family. All you need is the original obj file.

  • @vilters
    The good thing about forum posts is that you can read them quickly and in silence.
    Videos take time to view and make sound when you want to follow them.

    Not everybody has the luxury of time and a private room at any moment.
    I will view your video when I have time and will not annoy others with the sound.

  • @willshetterly said in Pauline and G3F: Adventures in Shrink Wrapping:

    @duanemoody You got me wondering about the legality of dolls that can wear Barbie clothes

    DAZ is standing on their EULA, not a court's definition of physical similarity/dissimilarity for things that aren't software. I'd avoid trying to compare the two.

    But googling that, I saw Mattel and MGA had a horribly long legal battle.

    Most of which has to do with getting even for losing market share and contract violations. Any narrative about clothing compatibility between figures is disingenuous.

  • @duanemoody Pretty much any legal battle between corporations is about market share. Anything else is just the excuse.

  • Why not just ask Daz if they would allow it??

    That's what I did and they allowed multiple V4~WM figures to be created.

    Conjecture about what they will do is trivial if you never ask them in the first place.
    They worked with me, I see no reason why they would not do that again if they wanted too.

    Will they? Again, you have too ask to find out.

  • @shvrdavid Some people always want to end a lovely theoretical discussion with a practical suggestion. :)