Adding page numbers to show in printed/exported document

  • How do I add page numbers that actually show up at the bottom of the page when I export or want to print a project? I know how to add it to the story information under the story menu and change basic work settings, but this only shows up in the uncropped document if I have exported an image page one at a time.

    If I try to export a whole project as an EPUB document, then when it crops the document to the right dimensions, it does not show the page number anymore, because this is outside of the crop lines. How can I have pages showing that are actually printable or in an electronic document?

    Any help welcomed.


  • Go to your Basic Work Settings and put a check on Folio. Change the distance from the default border to 0 and make the color Black. Don't put a check on Blind Folio.

  • Great! Thanks very much. That worked.