Pixel art advice?

  • Hello fam, first time posting, long time really loving CS.
    I really want to get into pixel art, and for some reason it's always vexed me. Currently, I have a problem where whenever I export an image, it comes out more smooth and I want it to have that blocky pixely look, ya ken?
    Here's some examples:
    What I want:

    click to show

    Still very new at this. Ultimately it would probably look even more pixely than either of those two.

  • @haiphong The quick way to get it looking pixelly is to go to the Filter menu and choose Effect>Mosaic... and slide the block level to get the degree of pixel blockiness you want. Of course pixelated art is usually done by drawing on a very small canvas ... e.g. 32 pixels by 32 pixels.... so e.g. on the picture you posted.... go to menu item - " Edit>change image resolution" and set the scale factor to 0.4 ____AlsoGenerally a pixel art would not be a line drawing but would be blocks of color

  • Hey mate! Thanks for the tips!

    I'm working on still a bit higher than 32x32, but the reason I'm in 400x400 is because I was told to start big and the go smaller. Do you think that is sound reasoning when designing that spritey look?

    I'm looking towards the kinds of stuff you might have seen on the SNES, or maybe Scott Pilgrim.

  • Probably not because you will draw details into the big version that will get lost when the image is downscaled. Also downscaling introduces blurring (antialiasing) which is not the desired look.