POSER 12 SUGGESTION - Dynamic clothes and low resolution figures that use subdivision levels

  • Hello!
    I am the author of a figure called Raffael and the figure that I made is a low resolution figure that appears in Poser using Subdivision Levels at 1 (preview and Render) in order that it gets a higher resolution, better bending movements and better look in Poser. :)
    Anyway, I notice that Dynamic clothes only react to the figure as if the figure were always in it's default low resolution.
    My suggestion for the next Poser version is that Dynamic Clothes can "read" and deforms according to the subdivison levels (mesh density). Thank you! Have a great day!

  • Dynamic Cloth works on physical Collisions of the Meshes. Are you rerunning the Dynamics after the changes to the figure?

    Contact Support with this issue so we can better understand what you are doing and what is occurring.

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  • @3Dream have you tried sub-dividing your figure to lvl 2? Looks like Super low res figure with fairly high-res cloth clothing. maybe the miss-match creates the problem.

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    Correct : As I wrote in another answer just a few days ago:

    Conforming or dynamic clothing works best if it has the same polygon density as the figure it is designed for.
    High poly figures are for close ups where the figure and the clothes deserve all the detail they can get while lower poly figures and clothing are designed to be viewed at a distance.

    • High polygon figure deserve high polygon clothing.
    • Low poly figure requires low poly clothing.

    => With SubD and a combination of crease angle and enabling smoothing (FireFly render engine only) you can get very nice and smooth results from lower poly figures.

    But trying to fit high poly clothing to lower poly figures is beyond Posers current scope resulting in wrinkles that require manual smoothing. => Because Poser reverts back to the "raw" mesh for a lot of its internal functions .