Clip 1.6.7. Not at all pleased

  • First off, I'm still hostile towards the inexplicable decision to forcibly invalidate the DVD material archive starting with Clip 1.6.2, but now with 1.6.7, launching the program doesn't even launch the program—it launches the (unwanted*) asset store, and (inexcusably!) starts downloading assets unbidden.

    If I hadn't noticed this nonsense, I would have had a nasty surprise later from my ISP; in the way of overage charges. This is sadly reminiscent to me of the time I launched the Bitcoin client, and when closed—it did not close, but merely minimized, and and started downloading the entire block chain. The next day I had $300 dollars in overage charges.

    Nothing should ever default to downloading without consent... not even browsers, let alone drawing applications. You do not know what the end user's Internet arrangement is. Always confirm the action, unless the user has explicitly asked for it to be done.

    *If I had the option, I would uninstall the Clip asset store application.

    As it is, I already have to use clip 1.5 to setup assets in my projects, because 1.6+ —which CAN use them if they exist in the file, won't allow them to be added. It's absurd... and rather abusive considering these assets were paid for.

  • @mechanaut

    FYI, In version 1.6.7 I have figured out how to re-enable individual old default materials or trick it into thinking ALL the old default materials files you already have were downloaded from the Cloud. In my testing, even when I purposely ran the "Sync" operation afterwards, it only downloaded the default materials from the cloud that weren't included in that original, big ZIP download we used to have to install manually and didn't appear to overwrite any of the existing (old) ones with the same name. Details on how to do it are on my blog site.

  • @mechanaut said in Clip 1.6.7. Not at all pleased:

    but now with 1.6.7, launching the program doesn't even launch the program—it launches the (unwanted*) asset store,

    I don't know if you're using a Mac or not, but on the previous English version the Assets app and the Paint app were at the same root level of the folder. With 1.6.7 the Assets app is in the same place, but the actual Paint app has moved into an "App" sub-folder, and can still be opened directly without launching the Assets app.

    The Windows version has always put them in separate sub-folders, but again the Pain app can be launched directly without first opening the Assets app.

  • I had deduced that last bit already; thank goodness. Thank you very much for both tips though. I plan to use the asset tip on everything except the 3D model assets; which as I understand it, were reworked in an updated format. I might still load the old versions of those if they seem to work without issues.

  • @mechanaut
    Yes, the old format 3D assets still work, at least for now. Celsys hasn't said anything about actually dropping support for them though. In the Assets app if you double-click on one of them you can go to the material info screen where it will tell you what software was used to create it. If it says the Material was created with "Coordinate" then it's old format, if it says "Modeler" than it's new format. Functionally there doesn't seem to be any difference. The 3D assets, particularly the characters tend to be the largest file sizes of all the assets. But that means they also are not automatically downloaded unless you do a "Sync all" operation, which downloads everything en masse. To conserve bandwidth/data it's better to just click on the little cloud icon on the thumbnail to download them individually on demand.

  • How do I even download 1.6.7? All I see is 1.6.2 on the site.