HELP! PP11 is crashing when I attempt to open a saved scene!

  • @morkonan You will have to give me a few days. I have a lot on my plate right now. But I will get one posted as soon as I can.

  • I'm having a problem with PP 11 as well. It's not crashing on me and in fact behaves rather well, except for these two scenes which seem to be making the computer slow to a crawl. I'm not sure if it's just one thing in the scene or the scene as a whole. I can load the scene just fine, but as soon as i do "Poser not responding". And if I try to render, Poser decides its time to take a break.

  • @eclark1849 I know that feeling well. Usually it's because it's a really complicated scene with a lot of reflections and other things going on that causes my laptop to choke.

  • @rokketman That actually may be the case with the Temple of Anubis Set I bought from DAZ. I can render individual props from the set with no problem. But there's a lot of Black shiny marble and onyx going on in that temple.