Tron suit glow effect for digitalpanther

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    P.S. Thanks for the expressions of concern. Dad's cataract surgery went fine; he looks like a pirate now, rockin' a temporary eye patch. :-P

    Glad to hear it went well.

  • @seachnasaigh Thanks for the assist. I can't wait to try it out! Nodes are still a little intimidating but I am getting there. :) I presume I can alter the glow color with the color chips on the clouds node?

    I am glad to hear the surgery went well. Your dad just narrowly missed Talk Like A Pirate Day...but the eye patch gives him extended Pirate Talk rights. Just remember that "Arrrr" be pirate for "F*cken A!"


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    @digitalpanther Yes, you can easily change the color blocks to change the glow color.
    It might be easier for you to get started if I make an MT5 material file which you could apply, then make adjustments to as needed.

    What doll base(s) did you intend to use? Or are you going to use a clothing item? I applied the material to Pauline directly, what's known as "second skin" method. You'll need a template of the doll or the clothing, as the case may be, in order to make a B&W mask to control what is glowy.

    Cousin @rokketman and I did something similar for his Natasha Romanoff (aka "Black Widow") character:
    0_1506035044810_Roxie as Natasha Romanoff - Superfly - Erogenesis skin.jpg

    I have a test render running which will demonstrate the difference between

    • using the emission node routed into the CyclesSurface root

    • using the LightPath node for ambient response boost

    • simply cranking up the ambient value

    I'll post that when it's done.

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    This shows the distinction between apparent brightness versus lightcasting strength.
    All three lamps are bright, but only the center one casts light effectively; the outer two only cast light weakly, as if they were much dimmer sources.
    0_1506044532228_glow comparison 2.jpg

    The ball on the left uses the emission node plugged into the CyclesSurface root:
    0_1506044614904_biolume left - emission into CyclesSurface.PNG

    The center ball uses the LightPath node and some color math to boost the lightcasting output:
    0_1506044708479_biolume center - LightPath boost.PNG

    The ball on the right simply has the ambient_value set high:
    0_1506044887511_biolume right - high ambient.PNG

  • I was testing this last night and the setup with the boost plugged into an emissions node worked also if you have a shader with a cycles root node you want to add it to.

  • @seachnasaigh
    Most of my characters are V4.2 based as I await the arrival of Project E. My primary character is a TY2 base until I figure out how to convert her facial structure to V4 or the aforementioned Project E. For the Tron inspired pics I have in mind I will probably be using body suits..though the second skin option may work as well.
    I really like the Romanov pic you posted. that is similar to what I had in mind clothing wise.

    Thank you for the assistance and knowledge.

  • @digitalpanther I created that suit. It was for Roxie. I could make one for V4.2, but I don't have TY2. Tell me what you want.

  • @rokketman I would be totally interested in a V 4.2 version.

  • @digitalpanther I'll get started on it in a day or two. I will make sure I make it a super conformer and will accept her morphs. I'll post progress in a new thread.

  • @rokketman Awesome!


  • @digitalpanther Sure, no problem. I was going to ask if you can work with dynamics, because it will get done faster. And I don't have to worry about the morphs because you can 'grow' the suit around her by starting out zeroed and adding the morphs to say, frame 15.

    But I will plan on rigging it.