Exactly which Kinect do I need for Windows 10?

  • I've looked through the other Kinect-related threads and still don't understand exactly which model of Kinect I need in order to use it with Poser 11 Pro on Windows 10.

    The documentation says, "Microsoft Kinect (first generation)", but there's no such product according to Microsoft.

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    As far as I understand it is the 1st gen Kinect for Windows, which you can find on ebay and amazon, on occasion. They are no longer being made so good luck with that. (in fact, by the time Poser incorporated Kinect support, 2nd gen kinects were already being sold and 1st gen was being phased out). You'll also need the 1st gen sdk in order to get it to work, which I don't think works with windows 10 but I may be wrong.

  • Kinect is a weird product... There has been a huge amount of stuff done with it. It's made research in motion, visualization, digitization, etc, extremely easy. There's plenty of ongoing research projects that use it.

    It's simple, powerful, easy to use, and perhaps one of the best hardware products Microsoft has ever produced, but they don't care about it...

    I'm actually flabbergasted that a product that has so many uses and has been incorporated into so much actual, practical, research, broadening capabilities overnight, considering its cost and ease of integration, is basically going to be orphaned.

    Sense = None

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    @morkonan Where did you hear it was being orphaned?

  • I should have made it clear that it was only "speculation."

    But, articles like this demonstrate the strange handling of Kinect by Microsoft:


  • You need the stand alone Kinect 1 for xBox 360. I say stand alone because if you bought a newer xBox with Kinect included it has no separate power supply. That is the first gen. Win 10 Creator's Edition has the SDK. I use it.

    Windows desktop hi-res Kinect. The new one; does not work with Poser.

    The sdk is freely available from Microsoft and Kinect is used in a myriad of robotic applications. It is cheaper to implement than a LIDAR unit for simple navigational computations for example.

  • @parkdalegardener Thanks! I'll give this a shot, and if it works, will post a reply with my details.

  • Anyone from Smith/Poser support care to comment, please? This [advertised] capability was one reason I went with Poser, but your "support" information is woefully inadequate.

  • @lynnewu Have you put in a support ticket?

  • Again; there are two models of the Kinect. The xBox 360 version and the newer hidef version.You want the Kinect for xBox 360.

    The xBox Kinect comes two ways. As part of an xBox bundle, or as a separate product add on.

    The unit that came as an add on, comes with a separate power supply that plugs into the wall. The one that came bundled with the xBox draws power from the xBox via USB.

    The SDK to use the Kinect any way you like, is freely available from Microsoft and happily works under Win10.

    IPI makes the software integrated into Poser for mocap and if you wish; you can go directly to the source (IPI) and get the capture software for free. The output can directly be used in Poser. This is a two step process to achieve the same goal as the integrated Poser mocap.

    IPI also offers a limited time demo of their studio software. The part that takes the place of Poser in their production pipeline.

    Both can be obtained here. http://ipisoft.com/download/

    I am not sure just how much support the team at SM can offer as they did not write the mocap software. They just licensed it.

  • There is a lot of misinformation in this thread.

    Capturing in Poser supports both the first generation and v2 Kinect for Windows. Just make sure you install the correct version of the drivers. Kinect for Xbox 360 has no official support, as mandated by Microsoft's license for the Kinect SDK.

    The Kinect integration in Poser is completely independent from iPi Soft.

  • @stefan is there any chance that Kinect could ever be supported on MacOS? Or is it bound too tightly to windows drivers or PC only hardware to ever be accessible, e.g. running Windows 10 in bootcamp?

  • Neither Microsoft nor Apple provides Kinect drivers for macOS. The few third-party drivers for Kinect/macOS are either not feature complete, unsupported, outdated, very messy to install or all of the above.