Video with Poser animations

  • This (german) video contains Poser animations.
    This is my first attempt on this subject. Therefore I need comments from experienced Poser users.

  • Very nicely done CGI. One of the issues I have with it is the lighting between the Live action and CGI. The live action lighting is coming from the bottom up and is very bright. Whereas the CGI does not have the same type of lighting. Also the interactions between Live action and CGI is off because they are not correctly facing each other. One example is when the snake skinned creature is talking to the human we see his face in profile when the camera shot appears to be looking over his shoulder. At best we should see the back of his head. Changing the lighting to match and lining up the interactions would make it almost Hollywood quality.

    ETA. Look at the image above see how the creature has his body facing out towards viewer. The live action human is facing directly to the left. They do not look like they are interacting. If the human was turned to face away from the screen then it would give the appearance of they actually looking at each other.

  • richard60, thanks for your comment. You are right in every aspect. The difficulties of this project: it was my first attempt to combine CGI and live actors. It was a zero budget production, and I should have had someone for advice right from the beginning. Your comment will help me to improve future projects.

  • Congrats on a job well done nurmi! That's a lot of work, both CGI and live action.
    Would be nice to have some English subtitles, to understand what's going on.
    If you continue this, try smoothing out the animation a bit, but otherwise... good job!

  • krios, thanks for your comment. You are right about weak parts in my animations. I think this project was too big for a single handed yachtsman. (Script, casting, direction, acting, camera, light, sound, music, cut and animations were done by me). This took me 1 1/2 years full time work. (The whole video takes 68 minutes) What I have learned: the next project should be smaller and I should ask for advice from the very beginning. After all I think that Poser is an exciting tool to realize my ideas.

  • @nurmi
    you welcome nurmi, and don't worry too much about the animation, it will improve with time and experience. More important then animation quality is the story itself and how entertaining it is.

    For a project this big, consider breaking it down into episodes, or acts next time, that way you can put it out there and get feedback as you progress your project.

    For a one man band, Poser, and the community behind it, is the best!