Silly Question: Rep points?

  • I responded to a post in a thread, and when I attempted to respond to a second post, I received a notification that I have to wait 5 minutes because I don't have 3 reputation points? What is that?

    In fact, I even received that notification when I tried to post this question...

  • @rokketman Hey Rokket. You receive reputation points every time someone "upvotes" a post. Think of it like receiving a "Like" for one of your posts on the HW forum.

  • And even after you get some rep points, sometimes you go to upload something and you can't :) Weird quirks you soon get used to.
    Here, have an upvote to start you on your way :)

  • Thanks! I get it now. I will work around it then until I've contributed enough to matter!

  • @rokketman It's always embarrassing to have to ask, but it's certainly useful to encourage people to get into the habit of rewarding posters who've helped them advance their Poserfu. Sometimes it helps to log out and back into the forum, or even bounce your browser when the forum software says no.

  • @anomalaus Thanks for the tip! I am still getting used to this site. There is a lot here to explore..

  • @rokketman I went through and upvoted several of your posts so that should get you past the "newbie" limits!

  • @Glitterati3D Thank you!!!

  • Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but, since I was trying to understand the reason why, trying to report a spammer who's flooding this forum isn't allowed because of the lack of reputation points?!?!

    I can understand in, some way, the reason why one may not be allowed to report, being a troll or not knowing/understanding what he's doing/reading properly, however, this is not a good way to maintain a forum, IMHO.

    Good luck.


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